Conscript 2989: Experience of a Drafted Man

Front Cover
Dodd, Mead, 1918 - Military training camps - 124 pages

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Page 6 - I find myself possessed of a razor, razor strop, wrist watch, two pocket knives, unbreakable mirror, drinking cup and a lot of other things that I never expected to own or need. I haven't the remotest idea where many of them came from.
Page 72 - It is interesting to get their slant on the whole affait. Many of them didn't want to come. They had their own ideas of army life, suggested, doubtless, by tales they have heard of service in the European armies of former days. But when they were called they came; and behold, when they arrived and lived through the first days, they were surprised to find that they still were treated like human beings, had certain indisputable rights, were fed well and cared for properly and worked under officers...
Page 30 - Shovelled nine tons (almost) of coal into the coal bin, as a starter. Then peeled a sack of potatoes, scrubbed an acre of floor and a half-acre of table tops and benches, washed twenty ash cans, and other kitchen utensils and — oh, I'm too tired now, think I'll wait until to-morrow. "Local Board No. 163" sleeps out on the porch to-night.
Page 7 - I know I did, and the Italian on my left cried himself to sleep, and didn't try to hide his unhappiness either, Oh, it was a delightful evening, all things considered.

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