Conspiracy Among America’S Heroes

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Author House, Sep 20, 2012 - Business & Economics - 206 pages
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Anyone who is a manager, supervisor, leader, or involved with human-relations issues needs to read this book, and learn from these truculent life lessons and use them for future reference. Are you willing to take the ethical challenge?

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This is an unbelievable book. Great illustrations and unfortunate the way government allows the sinners to use the citizens to their benefit.
The comments made by J PICKINGS are a sham. Chief
Becker was never the problem at the Clearcreek Fire District, in fact, there is PROOF to the contary.
Let us look at the record on the elected officials and the fire department personnel:
*They allowed the fire chief to place a 4.5 mil levy to the voters of Springboro and Clearcreek Township – this with a reserve of seven million dollars in the bank.
*Over the past few years, Clearcreek Township has made the headlines, and not in a positive manner.
*Issues of WADE selling insurance to the township employees, (an OHIO ETHICS VIOLATION) and pocketed 1.2 million dollars over the deal.
*WADE purchasing property with TAXPAYERS money for a new park, (On Red Lion 5 Points Rd) while lining his friends pocket with over a million dollars of TAXPAYERS money and not completing the Patricia Allen Park
*WADE & LAMB FIRED Police Chief Herdt for NOT firing a police officer -- who did NOTHING WRONG -- so they FIRED CHIEF HERDT
*FIRED another police officer for following orders and the trustees paying over $90,000 for their defense to fire him.
*Allowing failed policies in the fire department and even closing a fire station for NO GOOD REASON
*WATCH the CLEARCREEK FIREFIGHTERS PLAY with your tax dollars and SAFETY equipment on this youtube link:
*Allowing an assistant fire chief accused of identity theft, (A FELONY) to KEEP HIS JOB!
*NOW WADE & LAMB are being charged with violating the Ohio Open Public Meeting act, which they currently have to defend with TAXPAYERS funds. Court date of late November 2013 -- after the election. This suit was supported by the OTHER trustees and WADE & LAMB still deny this. If this is the case, then WHY did the appeal judge find CAUSE for this lawsuit to move forward?
*WADE & LAMB have been trustees for over 30 years! PLUS, they get paid over $25,000.00 a year!
So, now that you know the TRUTH, isn't it time to RETIRE WADE & LAMB?
Chief Becker found that the Clearcreek Township environment was poisioned and decided to leave. Sure, the FIRE UNION tried to say that Chief Becker touched people but the alligations were proven false. In fact, the INVESTIGATOR stated that "There was a complete failure on the part of Captain(s) Steve Agenbroad, Kent Clary, Nathan Urban, Jeffrey Prass & Robert Lantman; Lieutenant(s) Steve Cox, Nathan Baldridge, Tony LeMaster, David Gerspacher, Christopher Vecchi, Brian Petry; Bureau Chief Timothy Simpson & Assistant Chief Tom Morrison to do their jobs."

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I read the book, but only because I was given a free copy! Don't waste your money on this folks. "Chief Kelly Daughtry" is actually ex-chief Bernie Becker. He was previously the head of the Clearcreek Fire District in Springboro, Ohio. In 2001 Bernie was disciplined for inappropriate conduct such as comments and advances he made toward one of his firefighters. That slap on the wrist didn't keep him on the straight and narrow for too long. Bernie found himself right back in the hot seat again in 2008 after being brought up on charges of improper touching, inappropriate behavior, hostile work environment, abuse of power, lack of operational knowledge, skills and abilities during emergency incidents. The entire charge was investigated by the Clearcreek police chief and a retired judge contracted by the township. The report was completed and was about to be released when suddenly Becker "retired" in lieu of taking whatever punishment was coming to him. This book was then published by Bernie in an attempt to paint the whole situation in a better light. I would definitely classify it as a fiction! This book left me shaking my head and wondering why someone would be so desperate to deny the truth...perhaps the author has lost his moral compass? J. Pickings. 

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Chapter 1 Things Mom Never Told You
Chapter 2 Emergency Services andthe Community
Chapter 3 Not Everyones Happy
Chapter 4 Strategic Analysis and Proposed Master Plan
Chapter 5 Vote as If Your Life Depends on It
Chapter 6 Building Growing and Anticipation
Chapter 7 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Chapter 8 Main Event
Chapter 9 Just the Tip of theIceberg He Says
Chapter 10 Unethical Organizational Behavior
Chapter 11 A Lawyers Advice Is His Stock in Trade
Chapter 12 DecisionMaking Process
Chapter 13 Do the Right Thing Every Time
Chapter 14 Ethical Challenge
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Chief Kelly Daugherty began his fire service career in 1975 as a part-time/volunteer firefighter/EMT with the Shelby Township Fire Department. He was promoted to a career position in 1978. He worked through the ranks, obtaining positions as a fire apparatus operator, aerial tower operator, advanced EMT, shift lieutenant, and fire captain. In 1996, Chief Kelly Daugherty accepted the position of assistant chief with the Williamson Fire Department, and in 1999, accepted the position of fire chief for the Packer Township Fire Protection District. Chief Daugherty has extensive experience in fire, emergency medical service (EMS), and emergency management and is active in various professional associations. Chief Daugherty is the past state fire director, past economic committee chairman, past member of the Richmond County Local Emergency Planning Commission, and a five-term past vice president of the Richmond County Fire Chiefs Association. Kelly Daugherty earned a bachelor of science degree in fire and safety engineering technology, a master of science degree in public safety leadership; is a graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program (EFO); and is certified as a Chief Fire Officer Designate (CFO) from the Centers for Public Safety Excellence.

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