Constant-voltage Transmission: A Discussion of the Use of Synchronous Motors for Eliminating Variation in Voltage in Electric Power Systems

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Page 15 - ... the rises in temperature at its various parts above the temperature of the surrounding air must not exceed those recommended in the standardization rules of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.
Page 42 - ... with the fact that it is possible by the use of these synchronous condensers, especially when connected with directcurrent machines, to automatically compound; the same automatic compound may be produced through the exciter by means of the Tirrell regulator or some other regulator cf this form. And when we get away from the difficulty and the inaccuracy of hand regulation, we have overcome the most serious objection that has been raised in any of the discussions on the employment of the synchronous...
Page 20 - If the voltage is lowered a small percentage below normal, the brightness of an incandescent lamp is decreased by a much greater percentage.
Page 37 - Another disadvantage of synchronous machines is that they tend to increase the current flowing into a short circuit.
Page 23 - In many systems, hand regulation of the generator voltage is used rather than automatic regulation.
Page 37 - The number of lines for any project must be reduced if the economies of the constant-voltage system are to be fully utilized.
Page 106 - Kw. load at the generators, and Q, is either read from the circle diagram or calculated by means of (3). (5) Power-factor at the Generators. ico P. = per cent. (6) Line Loses in Kilowatts. Let F = E...
Page 26 - The greatest advantage of the constant-voltage system is, as has been mentioned, that it allows the load of a transmission line to be made two or more times as great as could ordinarily be carried, thus greatly reducing line costs.
Page 8 - It is found that when the field current of a synchronous motor is reduced, a lagging...
Page 88 - It can generally be guarded against sufficiently by keeping enough generators on the line to carry the charging current easily and by keeping the generator voltage closely regulated.

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