Constitution and By-laws of the Bar Association of the Hawaiian Islands

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Page 11 - In case of a vacancy in office, the vacancy shall be filled at the first regular meeting, or in case of emergency, at a called meeting. Article IX. This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a threefourths vote of the members present: Provided, the proposed amendment shall have been written and in the hands of the secretary and read by him at two regular meetings previously. BY-LAWS.
Page 5 - Special meetings of the association iniiy be held at any time at the principal office of the association in the city of New York, upon the order of the president, the board of directors, or the executive committee, or upon the written request of not less than five members of the association. Notice of each special meeting, containing a statement of the purpose of the meeting, shall be given to each member of the association at least 10 days prior to the meeting, and no business other than that specified...
Page 7 - February 1, 1935), and may be amended at the annual or any stated meeting of the Association, by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that notice of the proposed amendment...
Page 5 - Meetings. The annual meeting of this Association shall be held on the I3th day of February, or as near that time as may be practicable.
Page 6 - ... the Secretary shall give due notice thereof to the members both by mail and through the press. RULE II ORDER OF BUSINESS The order of business of this Association shall be as prescribed by the Executive Committee.
Page 9 - On the demand of one-fifth of the members present, at any meeting of the Association or of a committee, the ayes and nays shall be called and recorded on any motion.
Page 3 - NAME. The Name of this Association shall be "THE BAR ASSOCIATION OF THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS.
Page 5 - OFFICERS. The Officers of this Association shall be a President, Vice-Président, Secretary and Treasurer...
Page 10 - Chairman, or any member of the Executive Committee, may call the Association to order, and a President pro tern, shall be elected.
Page 10 - All elections shall be by ballot, unless otherwise ordered 'by a two-thirds vote of 'the Association.

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