Constitutional Amendment to Reduce Voting Age to Eighteen: Hearings Before Subcommittee No. 1 of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Seventy-eighth Congress, First Session, on H.J. Res. 39 ... October 20, 1943

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Page 10 - ... whether their interest in voting has increased. Mr. Arnall. Of course, I would hardly be the one to make those statements. I think almost everyone knows the young people were very much interested in the election in which I won the governorship. Therefore, I would be prejudiced as to what they think. They couldn't vote at the time, but they did a great deal in the election. Mr.
Page 7 - ... this power with reference to which Georgia has done this job, take it away from the states notwithstanding each of the other states has as complete power to act as Georgia. Mr. Arnall. I don't know if you understand me or not. I have some very peculiar ideas. Mr. Sumners. Yes. I do, too. Mr. Arnall. One of my ideas is that we have talked too much about state rights and not enough about state responsibilities.
Page 8 - Mr. Kefauver. Isn't it also true in your state — you know I live about a half mile from your state line ? Mr. Arnall. Yes. Mr. Kefauver. Isn't it true that in your state boys 18 years of age can make contracts where they have been turned out on their own responsibility? Mr. Arnall. Where they have been given legal emancipation. Mr. Kefauver. And they don't have to have a court emancipation, but merely parental recognition of a separate status. Mr.
Page 8 - Mr. Arnall. Not unless given legal emancipation. Mr. Celler. Can a boy who was under 21 disavow a contract ? Mr. Arnall. Twenty-one is the legal age. Mr. Kefauver. The amendment only went to the matter of franchise? Mr. Arnall. Yes. We have lowered the age for a driver's license in Georgia to 15 because there was a pressing need for manpower, and to that extent young people are in business. Mr. Celler. But you feel that the boy and girl in Georgia...
Page 10 - ... me, I believe I have concluded what I have to say. Mr. Kefauver. May I ask you one more question, Governor ? The amendment to the Constitution of Georgia was finally passed in August, I believe. Mr. Arnall. August 3d. Mr. Kefauver. Have you had any elections at which these young people have voted? Mr. Arnall. No state elections. We have had bond elections. Mr. Kefauver. I think it would be interesting if you would tell the committee the response you have had from young people at these elections,...

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