Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons Under the United Grand Lodge of England: Containing the Charges, Laws,and Regulations, Etc

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Harrison, 1884 - 182 pages
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Page 11 - You may enjoy yourselves with innocent Mirth, treating one another according to Ability, but avoiding all Excess, or forcing any Brother to eat or drink beyond his Inclination, or hindering him from going when his occasions call him, or doing or saying any thing offensive, or that may forbid an easy and free Conversation ; for that would blast our Harmony, and defeat our laudable Purposes.
Page 9 - None shall* discover envy at the prosperity of a Brother, nor supplant him, or put him out of his work, if he be capable to finish the same ; for no man can finish another's work so much to the lord's profit, unless he be thoroughly acquainted with the designs and draughts of him that began it.
Page 6 - Only candidates may know, that no Master should take an Apprentice, unless he has sufficient employment for him, and unless he be a perfect youth, having no maim or defect in his body...
Page 62 - In consequence of this desire, we pray for a warrant of constitution, empowering us to meet as a regular lodge, at on the of every month, and there to discharge the duties of masonry, in a constitutional manner, according to the forms of the order and the laws of the grand lodge...
Page 132 - ... perpendicular lines upon horizontal lines, thereby forming three several sets of two right angles ; the length of the horizontal lines to be two inches and a half each...
Page 3 - A mason is obliged, by his tenure, to obey the moral law; and if he rightly understands the art, he will never be a stupid atheist, nor an irreligious libertine.
Page 131 - The same, with sky-blue lining and edging, one and a half inch deep, and an additional rosette on the fall or flap, and silver tassels. — No other colour or ornament shall be allowed except to officers and past officers of lodges, who may have the emblems of their offices in silver or white in the centre of the apron ; and except as to the members of the Prince of Wales
Page 7 - These rulers and governors supreme and subordinate, of the antient lodge, are to be obeyed in their respective stations by all the brethren, according to the old charges and regulations, with all humility, reverence, love, and alacrity. V. OF THE MANAGEMENT OF THE CRAFT IN WORKING. All masons shall work honestly on working days, that they may live creditably on holy days ; and the time appointed by the law of the land, or confirmed by custom, shall be observed.
Page 63 - ... masonry, in a constitutional manner, according to the forms of the order and the laws of the grand lodge : and we have nominated and do recommend brother [AB] to be the first master, brother [CD] to be the first senior warden, and brother [EF] to be the first junior warden, of the said lodge. The prayer of this petition being granted, we promise strict obedience to the commands of the grand master and the laws and regulations of the grand lodge.
Page 75 - No military lodge shall, on any pretence, initiate into masonry any inhabitant or sojourner in any town or place at which its members may be stationed, or through which they may be marching, nor any person who...

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