Controversy Between Dr. Ryerson, Chief Superintendent of Education in Upper Canada and Rev. J.M. Bruyere, Rector of St. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto: On the Appropriation of the Clergy Reserves Funds : Free Schools Vs. State Schools : Public Libraries and Common Schools, Attacked and Defended

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s.n.], 1857 (Toronto : Leader and Patriot), 1857 - Education - 108 pages
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Page 47 - Spain, the education of the common people in reading, writing, arithmetic, music, manners, and morals is at" least as generally diffused, and as faithfully promoted by the clerical body, as in Scotland. It is by their own advance, and not by keeping back the advance of the people, that the Popish priesthood of the present day seek to keep ahead of the intellectual progress of...
Page 47 - ... at the head of the intellectual movement of the age ? Education is in reality not only not repressed, but is encouraged by the popish church, and is a mighty instrument in its hands, and ably used. In every street in Rome, for instance, there are, at short distances, public primary schools for the education of the children of the lower and middle classes in the neighbourhood.
Page 35 - Superintendent, that the opposite party has been thus notified, as it must not be supposed that the Chief Superintendent will decide, or form an opinion on any point affecting different parties, without hearing both sides — whatever delay may at any time be occasioned in order to secure such hearing. Application for advice in Common School matters, should, in all cases, be first made to the Local Superintendent having jurisdiction in the Municipality.
Page 37 - And be it enacted, That no foreign books in the English branches of education shall be used in any Model or Common School, without the express permission of the Council of Public Instruction...
Page 37 - That in any Model or Common School established under this Act, no child shall be required to read or study in or from any religious book, or to join in any exercise of devotion or religion, which shall be objected to by his or her parents or guardians : Provided always, that within this limitation, pupils shall be allowed to receive such religious instruction as their parents or guardians shall desire, according to the general regulations which shall be provided according to law.
Page 47 - Presbyterian clergy, and ask, if they too, are in their countries at the head of the intellectual movement of the age? Education is in reality not only not repressed, but is encouraged by the popish church ; and is a mighty instrument in its hands, and ably used.
Page 49 - If his work be not always history, it is often something more than history, and above it : it is philosophy, it is theology, it is wit and eloquence, it is criticism the most masterly upon every subject with which literature can be connected.
Page 38 - Prayer should form part of the opening exercises, and the Ten Commandments be taught to all the pupils and be repeated at least once a week. But no pupil should be compelled to be present at these exercises against the wish of his...
Page 47 - Rome, has only two hundred and sixty-four schools. Rome has also her University, with an average attendance of six hundred and sixty students ; and the Papal States, with a population of two and a half millions, contain seven universities. Prussia, with a population of fourteen millions, has but seven.
Page 13 - I will thank you to have the goodness to lay this Circular before your Municipal Council, and to let me know as early as convenient the decision of your Council on the subject, which I have taken the liberty to bring under your notice, in order that I may know what apportionments and prorsions may be requisite to meet the appropriations, and comply with the wishes of the various Municipalities.

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