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Сторінка 110 - Must be so placed in wet places that an air space will be left between conductors and pipes in crossing, and the former must be run in such a way that they cannot come in contact with the pipe accidentally. Wires should be run over, rather than under, pipes upon which moisture is likely to gather or which, by leaking, might cause trouble on a circuit.
Сторінка 223 - The chariots shall rage in the streets, they shall jostle one against another in the broad ways : they shall seem like torches, they shall run like the lightnings.
Сторінка 116 - Must not be attached to the outside walls of buildings, unless separated therefrom by substantial insulating supports.
Сторінка 107 - Must, for constant-current systems, be provided with an approved hand switch, also an automatic switch that will shunt the current around the . carbons, should they fail to feed properly.
Сторінка 105 - Must be so spliced or joined as to be both mechanically and electrically secure without solder. The joints must then be soldered, to insure preservation, and covered with an insulation equal to that on the conductors.
Сторінка 104 - Arresters should be attached to each side of every overhead circuit connected with the station. It is recommended to all electric light and power companies that arresters be connected at intervals over systems in such numbers and so located as to prevent ordinary discharges entering (over the wires) buildings connected to the lines.
Сторінка 115 - SOCKETS:— a. No portion of the lamp socket exposed to contact with outside objects must be allowed to come into electrical contact with either of the conductors.
Сторінка 119 - When current for light and power is taken from primary or secondary batteries, the same general regulations must be observed as apply to similar apparatus fed from dynamo generators developing the same difference of potential.
Сторінка 233 - Indian gown, with a sash, silk stockings, and beaver hats men ride in, and carry no other with them, because they escape the wet and dirt, which on horseback they cannot avoid ; whereas, in two or three journeys on horseback, these clothes and hats were wont to be spoiled. Which done, they were forced to have new very often, and that increased the consumption of the manufactures, and the employment of the manufacturers, which travelling in coaches doth no way do.
Сторінка 115 - Must be so suspended that the entire weight of the socket and lamp will be borne by knots under the bushing in the socket, and above the point where the cord comes through the ceiling block or rosette, in order that the strain may be taken from the joints and binding screws.

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