Convention of Articulation Teachers of the Deaf

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E.S. Werner, 1884 - Deaf - 162 pages
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Page 172 - Review of the SPEAKING and SINGING VOICE. The Only Journal in the World making the Cure of Vocal Defects a Specialty. It aims to give practical instruction in the USE, IMPROVEMENT and RESTORATION of the voice, in READING, SPEAKING and SINGING. Its value is testified to by scores of speech-sufferers and by leading MUSICIANS, EDUCATORS, CLERGYMEN and PHYSICIANS in different parts of the English-speaking world. Its contributors include LEADING SPECIALISTS of the VOICE, in America and in Europe. IS Indispensable...
Page 172 - ... Elocutionist; A means of communicating necessary professional knowledge to every Physician and School Teacher; Of great value to every Public Speaker; A guide to Parents in directing and improving the speech of their Children; The press exponent of the human voice in its manifold phases; to treat of its uses and capabilities; give direction to its cultivation and management, whether in singing, preaching, lecturing, reading, or conversing; point out the way to remedy its bad habits or defects...
Page 85 - The paper is a clear explanation of the phoTHIS question is one whose difficulty and importance are both sufficiently attested by its continual agitation in the public schools. To any learner, young or old, English spelling must make not a little hard the first steps in the crooked road to knowledge which lies that way ; and no one feels more keenly the embarrassment arising from its irregularities and inconsistencies than does the teacher of speaking deaf children, who realizes afresh daily what...
Page 94 - Dashes show the position of a given letter or letters in words, as, y — y initial —y=y final, etc. Prepared for young classes, these charts are based upon monosyllables to a considerable extent. Rules for accent, which in polysyllables change, in some instances, the pronunciations here indicated are to be taught later ; while for little ones who cannot understand, at once, much about syllables, the length of a dash may be used to show a
Page 91 - ... very different and much lighter matter. I cannot speak too strongly upon this point. Would that we had a spelling which made infallible rules possible ! But, as it is, how often does the teacher, baffled by exceptions to the simplest rules he can frame, give up the effort altogether, and fail even to gain for his pupils the benefit of that "half loaf" of the proverb. Because we cannot say of all words similarly spelled that they are pronounced alike, shall we teach the pronunciation of each separately,...
Page 88 - and the diacritical marks of the dictionary. The cause of articulation for the deaf, in this country, owes much to Visible Speech, both from the study of vocal physiology to which it has led, and from the fact that it has offered, through its students, almost the only source of supply for the recent and urgent demand for articulation teachers.
Page 171 - Gymnastics of the Voice; A SYSTEM OF CORRECT BREATHING IN SINGING AND SPEAKING, BASED UPON PHYSIOLOGICAL LAWS. A Practical Guide in the Training and Use of the Sneaking and Sliiging-Volcew DESIGNED FOB SCHOOLS AND FOB SELF-INSTRUCTION.
Page 92 - The attempt has been to represent on such a chart just those rules for pronunciation which the elementary language of classes always obliges them to learn as early as possible ; the most nearly invariable and the most frequent in application. And then — 6.
Page 86 - I think, a germ of help for this much-vexed question. To do as he did, in gaining for our children all possible help from simple rules, while teaching, still, that all rules are not final ; to lead them from the first to think and compare and decide ; to introduce them at once to that with which they must eventually deal ; to use reason always rather than memory ; herein lies the secret of the best success. My father's success with his children was rapid and complete. A few months of such instruction...
Page 90 - Where not even one invariable representative has been found for a given sound, one of those most common is meant to stand in this place. But next, and more needful perhaps, has been the attempt— 2.

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