Conversations With Self: Discovering the Power of Your Inner Voice

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In the course of a single day, you have numerous inner conversations with yourself. But do you have any say over these discussions, or do they take over your thoughts, leaving you the victim of negative judgments, criticism, and expectations?

Thankfully, you not only have more control over these internal dialogues than you might think, but you can also improve the quality of your life simply by choosing to pay attention to them. Drawing on her more than twenty-five years of experience as a counselor, Carol Messmer reveals how you can make use of specific methods to redirect your thoughts and create new beneficial brain pathways that will help you focus on what you want instead of on what you fear.

Rather than training your brain to respond to common fears of inadequacy and rejection, Messmer shows you how to learn to reject those fears and instead achieve peace of mind. With an informal style imbued with warmth and understanding, Messmer discusses topics such as: Listening with your heart Exercising your power of mind Recognizing the use of a survival pattern Becoming more respectful and considerate of self Learning to redirect your thoughts Conversations with Self is your first step in creating a new thought process. By following Messmer's simple, yet highly effective tools, you can turn your life from average into extraordinary!

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