Conversations of a mother with her daughter, and some other persons; or Dialogues

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Da'torchj di Schulze e Dean, 13,, Bond Street, da L. Deconchy, librajo, New Bond-Street., 1814 - Italian language - 239 pages

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Page 134 - Yes, the invention of the arts of spinning and of embroidery are attributed to her, as also the art of making cars and the method of driving them.
Page 98 - The last one will perhaps do best; yes, it fits my waist exactly ; take it for a pattern and all the others will do.
Page 176 - Young people personnes aiment à voir les lieux où elles passent ; à cet âge, la curiosité est naturelle. Mais comment se faitil, mesdames et messieurs, que vous arrivez tous au même instant ? Je présume que c'est d'après un rendezvous général.
Page 69 - I took great pleasure in collecting different sorts of trees ; such as the oak, the elm, the lime, the ash, the horse-chesnut, the planetree, eVirb-tree, and acacias.
Page 222 - Stop a minute, Ladies, you see that my daughters have not yet put on their shawls, pray, madam, do not go before me ; the carriages must keep together : I am so afraid of thieves ! Mr: MEYER.
Page 30 - Ah ! maman, le bel espalier, il est tout couvert de fleurs couleur de rose, toutes aussi jolies que celles de mon panier. Mme...
Page 50 - I should ask of heaven no other treasure than five or six cocoa trees; still however not forgetting my dear banana, whose shade is so delightful, and whose leaves so conveniently supply one with tablecloths, napkins, and all household linen.
Page 154 - Yes, but we do not live in the age of those Penelopes who undertook to furnish a whole drawing room with their tapestry.
Page 102 - I should have hastened rather more ; you know I make a point of being present at your lessons. Mr. BEAUPRÉ. — It is a very good method, madam ; the presence of a mother doubles the value of a master's instruction.
Page 108 - Yes and change your dress. I shall go and converse with Mr. Le Sage, till you are sufficiently rested.

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