Converts from Infidelity: John Wilmot, earl of Rochester. Count Struensee. Count Brandt. Lord Lyttelton. Sir John Pringle. Gilbert West. Charles Glidon. Rev. Richard Cecil

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Constable & Company, 1827 - Christian biography

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Page 27 - Rochester ;" which the critic ought to read for its elegance, the philosopher for its arguments, and the saint for its piety.
Page 207 - I did not at the time think the best. I have seen that I was sometimes in the wrong; but I did not err designedly. I have endeavoured, in private life, to do all the good in my power, and never for amoment could indulge malicious or unjust designs upon any person whatsoever.
Page 206 - ... thought proper for him. On Saturday he had been remarkably better, and we were not without some hopes of his recovery. " On Sunday, about eleven in the forenoon, his lordship sent for me, and said he felt a great hurry, and wished to have a little conversation with me in order to divert it.
Page 208 - Thus he continued giving his dying benediction to all around him. On Monday morning a lucid interval gave some small hopes, but these vanished in the evening ; and he continued dying, but with very little uneasiness, till Tuesday morning, August 22, when, between seven and eight o'clock, he expired, almost without a groan.
Page 204 - Testament, from the necessary connection it has with the whole system of the Jewish religion, from the miracles of Christ, and from the evidence given of his resurrection by all the other apostles, I thought the conversion and the apostleship of St.
Page 207 - ... my belief in the Christian religion. I saw difficulties which staggered me ; but I kept my mind open to conviction. The evidences and doctrines of Christianity, studied with attention, made me a most firm and persuaded believer of the Christian religion. I have made it the rule of my life, and it is the ground of my future hopes.
Page 288 - Ah, Dennis! Gildon, ah! what ill-starred rage Divides a friendship long confirmed by age? Blockheads with reason wicked wits abhor; But fool with fool is barbarous civil war. Embrace, embrace, my sons ! be foes no more ! Nor glad vile poets with true critics
Page 195 - I am unable to refuse the request of a very particular and very deserving friend, one of those whom his own merit has forced me to contract an intimacy with, after I had sworn never to love a man more, since the sorrow it cost me to have loved so many, now dead, banished, or unfortunate. I mean Mr. Lyttelton, one of the worthiest of the rising generation.
Page ix - HISTORY of the REVOLUTIONS in EUROPE, From the Subversion of the Roman Empire in the West, till the Abdication of Bonaparte.
Page 298 - Where Parental Influence does not convert, it hampers. It hangs on the wheels of evil. I had a pious Mother, who dropped things in my way. I could never rid myself of them. I was a professed Infidel: but then I liked to be an Infidel in company, rather than when alone. I was wretched when by myself. These principles, and maxims, and data spoiled my jollity.

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