Cooper's Novels: The spy

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W.A. Townsend, 1859

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 329 - No vernal blooms their torpid rocks array, But winter lingering chills the lap of May ; No zephyr fondly sues the mountain's breast, But meteors glare, and stormy glooms invest.
Էջ 208 - And let me the canakin clink, clink; And let me the canakin clink A soldier's a man; A life's but a span; Why, then, let a soldier drink.
Էջ 201 - t; I have use for it. Go, leave me. — (Exit Emilia). I will in Cassio's lodging lose this napkin, And let him find it. Trifles, light as air, Are to the jealous confirmations strong As proofs of Holy Writ.
Էջ 316 - XXXII. Hush'd were his Gertrude's lips ! but still their bland And beautiful expression seem'd to melt With love that could not die ! and still his hand She presses to the heart no more that felt Ah, heart ! where once each fond affection dwelt.
Էջ 445 - Midst furs and silks and jewels sheen He stood, in simple Lincoln green, The centre of the glittering ring, — And Snowdoun's Knight is Scotland's King!
Էջ 111 - twas a famous victory. "My father lived at Blenheim then, Yon little stream hard by; They burnt his dwelling to the ground, And he was forced to fly; So with his wife and child he fled, Nor had he where to rest his head.
Էջ 451 - Some village Hampden, that with dauntless breast, The little tyrant of his fields withstood Some mute, inglorious Milton here may rest; Some Cromwell, guiltless of his Country's blood.
Էջ 190 - Ashford soften'd to a smile ; No more that meek and suppliant look in prayer, Nor the pure faith (to give it force), are there : — But he is blest, and I lament no more-] A wise good man contented to be poor.
Էջ 137 - The place of fame and elegy supply: And many a holy text around she strews, That teach the rustic moralist to die.
Էջ 383 - And eke with all his might, His horse, who never in that sort Had handled been before, What thing upon his back had got Did wonder more and more. Away went Gilpin, neck or nought ; Away went hat and wig ; He little dreamt, when he set out, Of running such a rig.

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