Cooperage; A Treatise on Modern Shop Practice and Methods; From the Tree to the Finished Article

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Read Books, 2008 - Crafts & Hobbies - 436 pages
PREFACE. THE preparation of this work has occupied the writers spare moments for a number of years. Originally the matter was not intendcd for publication, but the manu script has grown so large and complete, mhich consideration, combined with many repeated requests, has induced the writer to publish the matter in book form. While all other trades and professions have their lit erature more or less complete, the coopcrage industry has never before been represented by any teclinical work, and appears to have been neglected along these lines. Therefore, me trust that the t, rade m-ill appreciate our encletzvors in bringing before them this work, as well as the difficulties encountered in compiling it, from the fact that it is the first of its kind in existence, and we hope that it will eventually prove to them a valuable aid. The man that studies and applies himself attentively to any subject, seeks to advise his fcllom-workman or give an exposition of the general principles of any science, industry or trade, or of ixnproving conditions generally, often mcets at times with severe criticism. As there seems to be present in the minds of most persons tz certain amount of doubt and uncertainty as to the wisdom and ability of any person to advise them in these matters, even if the writer has been for a long time a student on the particular subject on which he writes. Therefore, in presenting this volume, which is launched, not as a literary effort nor as a scientific essay, but rather as a practical discussion of principles and methods, the writer is aware that his efforts may meet with such criticism hut we do not desire to leave the impression that it is our own individua1 work, or that itis an expres viii PREFACE . sion of opinion of a single individual, but rather a poup ing together of ideas offered by n considerable numhcr of persons connected with the trade in its different branches, together mith data continually collected during the authors extended career, both in this country and in Europe, of over a quarter of a century. In regard to of iginality, we lay claim to very little, for, although the facts contained in a large number of the items have been gained through years of practical experience, me are indebted to others for a greater portion, and merely lay claim to have, as a. great poet has said, gathered the fruits of other mens labors and bound theq mith our own string. And we trust our efforts will present some information that may be applied with advantage, or serve at least as a matter of consideration or investigation. Although much of the information contained in this volume exists in the cxpcrience of practical men of the trade and in other technical and mechanical worlcs, it has never before beer1 published in systematic and accessible form and mith special application to the cooperage industry. In every case our aim has been to give thc facts, and wherever a machine or appliance has been illustrated or commented upon, or the name of the maker has been mentioned, it is not Tith the intention either of recommending or disparaging his or their work, but are made use of merely to illustrate the text...

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