Copper Work: An Illustrated Text Book for Teachers and Students in the Manual Arts

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Atkinson, Mentzer, 1908 - Copperwork - 123 pages

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Page 131 - This book may be kept FOURTEEN DAYS from last date stamped below. A fine of TWO CENTS will be charged for each day the book is kept over time.
Page 77 - To insure this the joint is scraped bright with some sharp-edge tool. Care must be taken to keep the fingers away from the joint as any moisture or greasy substance will prevent the solder from running. The best results are obtained only by being extremely careful as to cleanliness throughout the process. Being sure that the slab is perfectly clean, a little water is put in it and the lump of borax is ground around until the water becomes like thin cream.
Page 7 - The course is outlined and the problems are presented in such sequence that the processes and machine operations c: are reviewed with each new problem. It is not expected that the problems as given will be strictly copied, but rather that they will make clear the methods and processes that may be applied in the construction of similar problems.
Page 26 - Gauge, as referred to in this book, is a term used to denote the thickness of sheet metal. The Standard Wire Gauge is divided in gauge numbers from 5 to 36; and is used for measuring the thickness of wire and sheet metal. It is usually a plate of steel having round its edge a series of notches of standard openings.
Page 120 - The handle of the tool is held in the palm of the hand, and the thumb, placed within an inch of the point, serves as a guide while cutting, Figures 40 and 41.
Page 42 - To obtain the strength desired, the width of the projections on one leaf should equal the width of the projections of the other leaf.
Page 79 - It is then allowed to cool still more; when quite hard or when it is difficult to make an impression on it with the thumb nail, it is ready to work on.

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