Corporation Laws of the State of California: (with Citations From, Up to and Including 148th California Report, and California Appellate Reports 1 and 2).

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Superintendent of State Print., 1907 - 566 halaman

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Halaman 10 - A corporation or association may be sued in the county where the contract is made or is to be performed, or where the obligation or liability arises, or the breach occurs; or in the county where the principal place of business of such corporation is situated, subject to the power of the Court to change the place of trial as in other cases.
Halaman 48 - No corporation shall issue stock or bonds, except for money paid, labor done, or property actually received, and all fictitious increase of stock or indebtedness shall be void.
Halaman 33 - Each stockholder of a corporation, or joint-stock association, shall be individually and personally liable for such proportion of all its debts and liabilities contracted or incurred, during the time he was a stockholder, as the amount of stock or shares owned by him bears to the whole of the subscribed capital stock, or shares of the corporation or association.
Halaman 325 - If any corporation organized under the laws of this or any other State or country for transacting or conducting any kind of business in this State...
Halaman 47 - To make by-laws, not inconsistent with any existing law, for the management of its property, the regulation of its affairs, and for the transfer of its stock.
Halaman 353 - That the money or other benefit, charity, relief, or aid to be paid, provided, or rendered by any association authorized to do business under this Act, shall not be liable to attachment, garnishment, or other process, and shall not be seized, taken, appropriated, or applied by any legal or equitable process, or...
Halaman 511 - Ao' 16S4' I, TH Ward, County Clerk, and ex officio clerk of the Superior Court, do hereby certify the foregoing to be a full, true, and correct copy of the original Articles of Incorporation ol " Sons of the Revolution," on file in my office, and that I have carefully compared the same with the original.
Halaman 109 - The Legislature shall not pass any laws permitting the leasing or alienation of any franchise, so as to relieve the franchise or property held thereunder from the liabilities of the lessor or grantor, lessee or grantee, contracted or incurred in the operation, use, or enjoyment of such franchise, or any of its privileges.
Halaman 506 - Such notice must state the time and place of the meeting, and its object, and the amount to which it is proposed to increase the capital stock. The proceedings of such meeting...
Halaman 182 - The acknowledgment of an instrument must not be taken, unless the officer taking it knows or has satisfactory evidence, on the oath or affirmation of a credible witness, that the person making such acknowledgment is the individual who is described in and who executed the instrument; or, if execute.d by a corporation, that the person making such acknowledgment is the president or secretary of such corporation, or other person who executed it on its behalf.

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