Corporation Schools

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Public school publishing Company, 1918 - Evening and continuation schools - 152 pages

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Page 100 - It is that reconstruction or reorganization of experience which adds to the meaning of experience, and which increases ability to direct the course of subsequent experience.
Page 41 - In this effort they not only show that "in Germany, as in no other country the people have been unwilling to break with their past," but they are also conserving that type of industry in which the personal and more human factors have a fair chance to control the situation to the welfare of all concerned, and limiting the application of that type in which the technical factors tend to ride rough-shod over the personal...
Page 44 - A corporation school as defined for this study is a school maintained by a business concern, quite independently of outside control, for the purpose of fitting its new employees for efficient service, or for the further training of its older employees to fit them for positions of greater responsibility, as foremen, executives, or technical experts.
Page 60 - ... agrees, if his services are satisfactory to his employer, to contract for five additional years as a full apprentice in the department which the firm deems best suited to his ability ; and the parents agree that the boy will remain until he has learned the trade.
Page 62 - ... experience. If the jobs are performed within the time limit set and the quality of the work is up to the standard of the department, a credit of 100 is given, which means work satisfactory both as to quality and quantity. Since the quality must be up to the standard, the standings become largely a time basis record. Above 100 indicates excellent work, standard quality in less than the time limit set; 95 is the bonus standard ; 90 indicates fair work, and 85 or less failure. Standings of less...
Page 59 - ... as will give him an all-round knowledge of station work, including ticket office, warehouse, baggage room, yard, and the solicitation of business. Being an extra man, the student is no"t bound down to routine, but is permitted to distribute his time in such a way as to treat each feature with equal thoroughness. Next, the student is assigned consecutively to Maintenance of Way, the office of the Superintendent of Transportation, Motive Power, Train Service, Accounting Department, and Tariff Bureau,...
Page 45 - The object of the Association is to aid corporations in the education of their employees by providing a forum for the interchange of ideas, and by collecting and making available, data as to successful and unsuccessful plans in educating employees.
Page 10 - ... no disposition will be found anywhere among workingmen to oppose this effort to make our schools more democratic in serving the real breadand-butter needs of the community. Let me tell you further that labor — organized labor — has been active for years to secure this end, active in its efforts to make the public schools do precisely that which some misinformed people even think labor opposes.
Page 12 - All children between fourteen and sixteen years of age should be compelled either to attend school or to enter employment, and when not employed should be required to return to school. (4) Where state-wide action is not yet practicable, local communities should be authorized by law to decide either by a referendum to voters or by the action of a local board of control, whether children between...
Page 12 - State-wide action is not yet practicable, local communities should be authorized by law to decide either by a referendum or by the action of a local board of control, whether children between 14 and 16 years of age, employed during the day, should be required to attend part-time classes for a period of not less than four hours a week out of their working time.

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