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Page 206 - There are so many things," he wrote once from camp, " to be said against religion that I wonder they do not occur to everybody. But men are not made for the truth. I regard them as a herd of deer in the park of a great lord, which have no function but to people and occupy the Enclosure.
Page 395 - ... of your oldest friends. What ! because you retire to my house, it will be said that that house becomes a prison for you ? What! because I am your friend, I shall be your tyrant? I confess to you that I do not understand such logic as that, and I am firmly persuaded that you will be very happy here ; that you will be regarded as the father of letters and of people of taste ; and that you will find in me all the consolations which a man of your merit can expect from one who esteems him. Good-night.
Page 395 - What slavery, what misfortunes, what change, what inconstancy of fortune are to be feared for you in a country, where you are esteemed as much as in your own, and where you live with a grateful friend? I have not the foolish presumption to believe, that Berlin is equal to Paris.
Page 430 - The autumn of 1758 proved as critical as that of 1757. "I am much obliged to the hermit of Les Delices," wrote Frederick in October after the butchery at Zorndorf, "for his interest in the adventures of the Don Quixote of the north. This Don Quixote lives the life of a traveling comedian, playing now in one theater, now in another, sometimes hissed, sometimes applauded.
Page 329 - Remember'd how, in luckltfs hour, The heroes each defied her pow'r : Yes, fingly ! — Then what might be done By both the champions met in one ? *• The fearful image having fcann'd, Her baneful...
Page 215 - You would reply—" They are lunatics! They are fools ! They are raging mad ! thus to " yield to the caprices and the barbarity of their
Page 419 - Otho and Cato. The only great moment in the life of the latter was that which immediately preceded his death* Were I Voltaire, a private man, Concentrate in my narrow plan, The...
Page 78 - I am as reftlefs as your great fnuff-takcrs, who continually put their hand to their pocket, when they are deprived of their box. The ornaments of the edifice are changed, without making any alteration, either in the foundation or...
Page 213 - I am now reading, or rather devouring, your Age of Louis the Great. If you love me, fend me what you have further written of that work, which is my fole confolation, my recreation, my delight.
Page 229 - You possess 120,000 men, sturdy, well armed, well clad, well fed, well disposed ; you have won battles and towns at their head. Your glory will be complete if you compel the Queen of Hungary to accept peace and the Germans to be happy. You are the hero of Germany and the arbiter of Europe. You will also be the peace-maker.

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