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Page 178 - Thus, the proposition, that the three angles of a triangle are not equal to two right angles...
Page 412 - I received the letter, which you did me the honour to write...
Page 34 - I compassionate the misfortune which has happened to you, in losing a person to whom you were attached. The wounds of the heart are the most...
Page 117 - Sir, of the letters which you have done me the honour to write to me ... on the re-establishment of the Regiment of Infantry of Walsh.
Page 277 - mftrument this being employs, for the de" ftruction of monks; and to caufe thofe vile " and impure organs of fanaticifm to vanifh, " from the face of the earth ? — Kings, brethren, <c kings ! That is to fay, the moft ignorant fpe" cies of men that crawl on the furface of this *
Page 341 - The marine of England appears greatly fuperior, in manoeuvring, to that of France. Your countrymen want exercife, and experience, by the...
Page 380 - Let us therefore fagely enjoy the few advantages that are allotted us, and let us frequently recollect that doubt is the attendant of knowledge.
Page 358 - Hiftory of the Revolutions of Greece, and of Italy. He comes to proclaim that aloud, in Germany, which he filently thought, in Italy.
Page 277 - Calvin a witnefs of thefe events, he would thus addrefs us. *' Admire, brethren, the impenetrable ways *' of Providence ! The Being of Beings, who " abhors the horrible and facrilegious fuperfti...
Page 277 - That is to fay, the moft ignorant fpe" cies of men that crawl on the furface of this *' globe! And how does the great Demiurgos *' make thefe ignorant fpecies promote his end?

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