Publications on Latin America and the West Indies: Brief Review of Information Available to Manufacturers and Exporters in Bulletins Issued by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914 - Latin America - 15 pages

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Page 7 - June thirteenth, eighteen hundred and eightyeight, that established the same, which especially charged it "to ascertain, at as early a date as possible, and whenever industrial changes shall make it essential, the cost of producing articles at the time dutiable in the United States, in leading countries where such articles are produced, by fully specified units of production, and under a classification showing the different elements of cost, or approximate cost, of such articles of production, including...
Page 7 - That the profits of the manufacturer, of the importer, of the wholesaler, and the retailer are greater upon imported than upon domestic pottery. 7. That any reduction in selling price of American pottery, resulting from a tariff reduction, must be followed...
Page 22 - ... methods in use there and here. It is also a laborsaving equipment. The dipper places the dipped ware from the tub directly upon the mangle shelf, which carries it up, dries it, and brings it on the endless wheel to the hands of the helper, who rubs off the dry superfluous glaze on a grating having a suction draft from a blower, which carries away the dry glaze dust. The kiln placers who put the ware in the saggers are also guarded by this equipment from the dangers of the lead glaze.
Page 9 - The establishments that permitted the agents of the bureau to take from their private accounts every detail of their receipts and expenditures in the same manner as in the potteries of the United.States were those that shipped 70.86 per cent of all earthenware exported to the United States in 1913.
Page 5 - The investigation was made in pursuance of the act of Congress approved August 23, 1912.
Page 11 - The third form of presenting costs, per dozen of each of the principal articles of ware manufactured, is a cost method rarely employed in potteries, owing largely to the expense involved in its regular use and to the difficulties attending it, and for the reason that the bulk cost gives the manufacturers a sufficiently accurate basis for determining their costs. The details of this method will be set forth at length in the complete report.
Page 13 - The average rate of turnover for all establishments was 111.35 per cent.
Page 18 - ... in the English potteries. Comparing the production of the efficient workmen in both countries, it was found that those in the United States produced from 50 to 115 per cent more than the efficient producers of the same article in the English potteries.
Page 10 - ... kilns in the United States at a fixed price for every 162 cubic feet of kiln space filled with saggers brings all potteries and all kilns, large and small, to a uniform cost and wage basis. For the comparative purposes of the bureau, all establishment costs in...
Page 21 - ... 230 kilns, or 59.4 per cent of all kilns and 62.2 per cent of all potteries...

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