Cottages; Or, Hints on Economical Building, Containing Twenty-four Plates of Medium and Low Cost Houses, Contributed by Different New York Architechts: Together with Descriptive Letterpress, Giving Practical Suggestions for Cottage Building

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W.T. Comstock, 1890 - Architecture, Domestic - 54 pages
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Page 28 - Architecture is the material expression of the wants, the faculties, and the sentiments, of the age in which it is created. Style in Architecture is the peculiar form that expression takes under the influence of climate and materials at command.
Page 7 - ... during the last few years, our conception of what a country house should be has entirely changed. Simplicity, elegance, and refinement of design are demanded and outward display, overloading with cheap ornamentation, is no longer in favour.
Page 42 - Filters are also placed in cisterns, or at the end of the suction pipe in wells or cisterns. A good plan is to build into the cistern a partition wall, establishing a small chamber, in which the suction pipe is placed. The dividing wall is built with courses of brick, some of which, being laid dry, act as strainers. This arrangement, it need hardly be said, wants periodical cleaning as much as any of the household filters.
Page 8 - In support of my argument in favor of expert superintendance as regards sanitary construction, I may be permitted to quote what others have well said before me : " Sensible people, when they are ill, consult a physician, and not an apothecary. When they wish to plan a house, they take the advice of an architect, and not a builder. Both apothecary and builder are of course necessary.
Page 41 - ... iron stains in the washing. A further disadvantage is the frequent choking up of the smaller sizes through rust. Pipes coated with some kind of enamel are better and safer, provided care is taken in making the joints properly. Plain wrought-iron pipes, made rustless by the Bower-Barff process; have lately been used and promise to show good results.
Page 7 - Now that English gables and dormers have spread so widely ; now that we realize the beauty of our own colonial architecture, and that the Queen Anne craze is subsiding so that only its best features remain, the less ambitious dwellings must not be left to the mercy of those builders whose ideas of beauty are limited to scroll-saw brackets and French roofs.
Page 63 - ARNOLD W. BRUNNER AND THOMAS TRYON, Architects. One Quarto Vol., Cloth, Price, $3.00, Containing, besides Introductory Remarks, Chapters on The Hall, The Staircase, The Library, The Parlor, The Dining-room, The Study, The Bedrooms. This book is fully illustrated with 65 drawings of interiors, details, furniture, etc. It contains suggestions for the treatment of both ctty and country houses, and indicates methods for altering and improving old work.
Page 49 - While, therefore, an open fire-place may be adequate in warm climates, it is entirely inadequate to warm, per se, cottages in our eastern, northern, and northwestern States. To say that a very large waste of fuel is incident to warming by fire places, is not strictly correct, for the heat is not actually wasted.
Page 41 - Wrought-iron pipes are largely used, protected with a coating of zinc, and such " galvanized " pipes may be safely used, for, although water dissolves and is often found to contain salts of zinc, which are poisonous in large amounts, dilution makes them practically harmless. A more serious objection to galvanized pipes may be the fact that the zinc coating, unless applied with great care, soon wears off and ceases to protect the pipe against rust. Copper tubes, lined with tin, are occasionally used,...
Page 61 - Low-priced seashore cottage, perspective, plans and interior details. PLATE 41. — Seaside cottage, verandah on two sides, perspective, elevation and plans. PLATE 42. — Seaside cottage, elevations, plans and details. PLATE 43.

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