Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses

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Quill Driver Books/Word Dancer Press, 2005 - Health & Fitness - 219 pages
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A silent crippler stalks millions of North Americans. It afflicts one person with tremors, makes another depressed or psychotic, and causes agonizing leg pains or paralysis in still another. It can mimic Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, early Parkinson’s disease, diabetic neuropathy, or chronic fatigue syndrome. It can make men or women infertile or cause development disabilities in their children. The disorder is vitamin B12 deficiency. This isn’t a new or fad disease. You’ll find it listed in the textbooks of any first-year medical student. Yet it may be the most misdiagnosed disease and, when this occurs, the consequences can be tragic.

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Excellent lay-person's guide to the importance of B-12 metabolism and the problems that may result in the absence of absorption of B-12 vitamin. Upon receiving a diagnosis of "pernicious anemia" many ... Read full review

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Hi, I read this book and now I truly believe my son was suffering from this and likely the cause of his passing.. As my partner had a B12 deficiency during pregnancy, My son was healthy and happy for several weeks, When he became sick, He displayed all these symptoms, lethargic, irritable, Vomiting violently. We took him to the Doctor, was told that he was fine just an upset stomach, symptoms continued to get worse over night, following day took him for a second opinion with a new Doc, Was told he was likely suffering a bacterial or viral infection, and would recover within a day or two.. Following day he had not recovered, returned to the Doc with concerns that he could not keep enough his Milk down and was only getting worse each day. Doc took blood and advised us to give him 30ml doses of milk every 30mins or so he how he goes overnight.. I did not sleep that night, I sat beside him all night, found him hard to wake for a bottle.. The fact I did not trust my concerns over the advice giving to me from the Doc Haunts me....
Following day we took him back to the Doc he had not received the results of the blood after a couple phone calls he advised us to take my Son Directly to hospital as he was now dehydrated and very unwell according to the test results, DAY 4.. Which was my biggest concern on day 2..
He was put on a drip and within a hour or two he was awake and alert, 3 specialist came and examined him all were still unable to pin point the cause for his illness, but confidant he was re-hydrated, healthy, would make a full recovery they then proceeded to clock out as there shift was finished it was Friday and they were due to fly back to Adelaide for their rotation which is 45min flight each way meaning for 1:30hrs the hospital had nobody who was qualified to administer the life support, then within 30mins my Son suffered a massive coronary, his heart stopped.. I activated the code blue by his bed and began CPR, was quickly relieved by staff he was revived multiple times, But had gone before specialised arrived.. Coroner updated us on his findings and noted my son had a elevated urinary methylmalonic acid, He said he had only seen this once before in a 3yr old boy who had been playing on a swing set at school, when he suddenly collapsed... I assume he knows exactly what has happened to my son, I am stilling awaiting on the report, But I am 99% certain B12... Could have been treated at the same time through IV.. Trust Your instincts Firstly, If your second guessing the Docters Diagnoses, Or your really concerned and just dismissed by your Docter, Doesn't mean your wrong, it could in fact be your Docter who is. So do your own research, at least look for best practices to use when dealing with the symptoms. If I had I would have known that if your baby is 0-3months vomiting for longer than a day should admitted to hospital and atleast kept over night for observation.. Day 3 before I even got taken seriously. Day 4 too late.. Day 2 would have giving specialists 48hrs to find this problem and treat it, Increasing his chances a few hundred percent.. .Please Take your Baby to the hospital if you ever feel that something is wrong. You are probably right.

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