County Londonderry Lands and Families in Northern Ireland: Names and Locations from the Plantation of Ulster

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Irish Roots Cafe, 2004 - 101 oldal

 The Final Word  From the works of George Hill on the 17th century settlement of Ulster (1609+), the entire text includes family history records and enlightening 19th century commentary. This was the third volume to the set entitled 'The Conquest of Ireland, an historical and genealogical account of the plantation in Ulster'. It is published on its own here complete due to its importance to Historical and Genealogical Research. 

  Special added surname index included for the first time. Approx. size 7'' x 10''. Published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation (2004). First IGF edition, First IGF printing. 


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362. oldal - It might ease the city [London] of an insupportable burthen of persons, which it might conveniently spare, all parts of the city being so surcharged that one tradesman is scarce able to live by another ; and it would also be a means to free and preserve the city from infection...
361. oldal - Londoners woods, i i. •1. s- !..--..•/. •6. Also license for free export of all goods growing on their own lands. 7. That the Admiralty jurisdiction in the coasts of Tyrconnell, now supposed to be in the Lord Deputy by the Lord High Admiral's grant, may be transferred to them for 2 1 years. " The Land Commodities which the North of Ireland affords. 1. The country is well watered, and supplied with fuel either of trees or turf [peat]. 2. It supplies such abundance of provisions as may not only...
361. oldal - Lochaber] in Scotland (not far from the North of Ireland) more easily than from Norway. 9. All materials for building of ships (except tar) is there to be had in great plenty, and in countries adjoining.
363. oldal - Foyle into the counties of Coleraine, Donegal, Tyrone, Armagh, and Antrim. The City of Dublin being desolate by the slaughter of the Easterlings, who were the ancient inhabitants thereof, was given by King Henry the Second to the City of Bristol to be inhabited, which, without any charge to the King, Bristol did undertake and performed it, whose posterity doth there continue unto this day. This plantation thus performed to the perpetual commendation of Bristol, was not the least cause of...

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Editor of the ' Montgomery Manuscripts' and author of 'An Historical Account of the MacDonnells of Antrim'. Author of An Historical Account of the Plantation in Ulster.

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