County and City Data Book

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U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1962

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Halaman xi - Ib) and the cities are within 20 miles of each other (city limits to city limits), they are to be included in the same area unless there is definite evidence that the two cities are not economically and socially integrated.
Halaman xiii - The addition of up to two city names may be made in the area title, on the basis and in the order of the following criteria : (1) The additional city has at least 250,000 inhabitants.
Halaman xix - In general, the urban population comprises all persons living in urbanized areas and in places of 2,500 inhabitants or more outside urbanized areas. More specifically, according to the definition adopted for use in the I960 Census, the urban population comprises all persons living In (a) places of 2,500 Inhabitants or more Incorporated as cities, boroughs, villages, and towns (except towns In New England, New York, and Wisconsin...
Halaman xxiii - A house, an apartment or other group of rooms, or a single room, is regarded as a housing unit when it is occupied or intended for occupancy as separate living quarters; that is, when the occupants do not live and eat with any other persons in the structure and there is either (1) direct access from the outside or through a common hall or (2) a kitchen or cooking equipment for the exclusive use of the occupants.
Halaman xxix - Combinations of real estate, insurance, loans, law offices 67 Holding and other investment companies H. Services 70 Hotels, rooming houses, camps, and other lodging places 72 Personal services 73 Miscellaneous business services 75 Automobile repair, automobile services, and garages 76 Miscellaneous repair services 78 Motion pictures...
Halaman xxvii - It includes all forms of compensation such as salaries, wages, commissions, dismissal pay, all bonuses, vacation and sick leave pay, and compensation in kind, prior to such deductions as employees' Social Security contributions, withholding taxes, group insurance, union dues, and savings bonds.
Halaman xxiv - Deteriorating housing needs more repair than would be provided in the course of regular maintenance. It has one or more defects of an intermediate nature that must be corrected if the unit is to continue to provide safe and adequate shelter.
Halaman xi - At least 75 percent of the labor force of the county must be in the nonagricultural labor force.' 4. In addition to criterion 3, the county must meet at least one of the following conditions : a. It must have 50 percent or more of its population living in contiguous minor civil divisions ' with a density of at least 150 persons per square mile, in an unbroken chain of minor civil divisions with such density radiating from a central city in the area. b. The number of nonagricultural workers employed...
Halaman xiii - They correspond to what are called "conurbations" in some other countries. An urbanized area contains at least one city of 50,000 inhabitants or more in 1960, as well as the surrounding closely .settled incorporated places and unincorporated areas that meet the criteria listed below.
Halaman x - Stales, published annually since 1878, is the standard summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.

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