Course of Civil Engineering: Comprising Plane Trigonometry, Surveying, and Levelling. With Their Application to the Construction of Common Roads, Railways, Canals ...

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S.J. Machen, 1842 - Engineering

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Page vii - into 360 equal parts, called degrees ; each degree being divided into 60 equal parts, called minutes ; and each minute into 60 equal parts, called seconds, &c.
Page 36 - the angle opposite to that other given side is always acute. But when the given side opposite to the given angle, is less than the other given side, then the angle opposite that other given side may be either acute or obtuse, and
Page 145 - The number of changes shows how many times ten chains the line contains, to which the follower adds the arrows he holds in his hand, and the number of links of another chain over to the mark or end of the line.
Page 38 - sum of the other two, as their difference is to the difference of the segments of the base, made by a perpendicular
Page 79 - Suppose that in carrying on an extensive survey, the distance between two spires, A and B, has been found equal to 6594 yards, and that C and D are two eminences conveniently situated for extending the triangles, but not admitting of the determination of their distance by actual admeasurement ; to ascertain it, therefore,
Page 206 - materially from the arcs which they subtend. Let the three angles of the spherical triangle be represented by A, B, C ; and their opposite sides by a, b, c ; and let a', b', c', represent the chords of these sides, which chords are supposed not to differ
Page 38 - of half the perimeter above those sides, as the square of the radius is to the square of the sine of half the angle included by
Page 68 - of the bottom of the object, equal 27, and of its top 19. Required the height of the object, and the distance of the mark from its bottom. Here,
Page 3 - 0, 10, 20, 30, &c. ; each of these large divisions represents 10 degrees of the equator, or 600 miles. The first of these divisions is sometimes divided into 40 equal parts, each representing 15 miles. The
Page 146 - with the cross, by fixing it by trials on such parts of the line as that through one pair of the sights both ends of the line may appear, and through the other pair you

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