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Stran 31 - The version must be neatly and legibly written or typewritten, upon letter paper of good quality, of the quarto size, with a margin of not less than one inch at the top, at the bottom, and on each side, so that it may be bound up, if desired, without injury to the writing.
Stran 15 - GROSS. 7. The Era of the Reformation in Europe, from the Rise of Italian Humanism to the close of the Council of Trent. Professor EMERTON. Omitted 1891-93. 8. European History during the Seventeenth Century and the first half of the Eighteenth.
Stran 22 - L' Allegro, II Penseroso, Cornus and Lycidas, Longfellow's Evangeline, the Sir Roger de Coverley papers in the Spectator, Macaulay's Essays on Milton and Addison, Webster's First Bunker Hill Oration, Irving's Sketch Book, Scott's Abbot. For 1896: Shakspere's Merchant of Venice and Midsummer Night's Dream, Milton's L...
Stran 22 - Papers in the Spectator, Macaulay's second Essay on the Earl of Chatham, Emerson's American Scholar, Irving's Sketch Book, Scott's Abbot, Dickens's David Copperficld. For 1895 : Shakspere's Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night, Milton's L'Allegro, II Penseroso, Comus, and Lycidas, Longfellow's Evangeline, the Sir Roger de Coverley Papers in the Spectator...
Stran 22 - Dream ; Defoe's History of the Plague in London ; Irving's Tales of a Traveller; Scott's Woodstock ; Macaulay's Essay on Milton ; Longfellow's Evangeline ; George Eliot's Silas Marner.
Stran 27 - At the time of the examination the candidate must present a note-book in which he has recorded the steps and the results of his laboratory exercises, and this note-book must bear the endorsement of his teacher, certifying that the notes are a true record of the pupil's work.
Stran 24 - A course of experiments in the subjects of mechanics, sound, light, heat, and electricity, not less than forty in number, actually performed at school by the pupil. These experiments may be selected from AM Worthington's Physical Laboratory Practice (Rivingtons, London, 1886), or from the "New Physics," by John Trowbridge (Appleton & Co., New York), or from any similar laboratory manual.
Stran 23 - A knowledge of the language itself, rather than of the grammar, is expected ; but proficiency in elementary grammar or facility in writing the language will be accepted as an offset for some deficiency in translation.
Stran 26 - Cambridge, Sever). Advanced Algebra. Wentworth's College Algebra (Boston, Ginn & Co.), to article 498, omitting Chapters XIX, XX, XXIV, XXV, XXVII, XXVIII. The examination will be mainly occupied with the portions of algebra, as thus defined, which are not included in the elementary requirement in algebra ; but elementary questions are not necessarily excluded. All in all, there are nine "advanced" studies to choose from. Since one can enter the college after passing an examination on all the "elementary...
Stran 22 - Greek. — The translation at sight of simple Attic prose (with questions on the usual forms and ordinary constructions of the language).

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