Craies on Legislation: A Practitioners' Guide to the Nature, Process, Effect and Interpretation of Legislation

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Craies on Statute Law is a standard work on the interpretation of legislation. It provides detailed guidance on assessing legislative intention and is a key reference tool for lawyers who have to administer, advise, argue or adjudicate on Acts of Parliament and statutory instruments. Craies on Statute Law also deals with the nature, effect, process and interpretation of legislation in a concise and practical style. 22First published in 1907, this new edition has been extensively revised to produce a work of immediate practical use for barristers, solicitors and the judiciary. It steers them clearly through a range of critical issues, such as the interpretation of words, what may and may not be implied if the meaning is unclear, and what sources of information outside a statute may be used to throw light on its meaning. New chapters include : 22* The Drafting of Legislation2* A detailed treatment of Acts of Parliament2* Devolved legislation2* Legislation inspired by European obligations22A key feature of the work is its coverage of regulations and secondary legislation. These are often of greater day-to-day importance than primary legislation, and Craies will help practitioners interpret their many uncertainties. 22* New edition of a standard work on statutory interpretation2* Enables practitioners to keep on the right side of difficult legislation - such as the Human Rights Act and EC law 2* Practical focus - text has been written to address practical questions rather than issues of academic interest 2* Includes coverage of interpreting regulations and secondary legislation2* Kept up to date by annual supplements

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