Crazyman's Economics

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Dog Ear Publishing, 2008 - Business & Economics - 168 pages
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Crazyman's Economics exposes the most brilliant con game in the United States: The stock markets and commodities markets. Scott Calls these con artists the "Masters of Illusion and Deception, "who separate the masses from their money without prosecution. These masters have spent generations perfecting a con game that separates billions of dollars a day from the masses. (That's you and me.) How do they do this? Con One: They have convinced us that the stock market and commodities markets are a vital function of the economy and a safe place to invest your money. Con Two: They have the media promoting it, the academic world teaching it, Federal Officials legalizing it and the masses believing it. Con Three: They designed a system where no one asks or requires a report of accountability of investors' money. Con Four: When you make money n the markets and put it in your pocket, whose pocket does it come out of? (When you find out, it won't be so sweet.) The ultimate con: When you lose your money to their scam, you think it's your fault. Crayman's Economics will show you that it's the losers, not the winners, that support markets. The Masters need a constant influx of new losers, and you are their prey.

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You cant beat the system
Wall Street the exchanges and casinos are all gambling facilities
Motion the MASTERS greatest asset and the players greatest enemy
Published value perceived value and outperformed
What you think the stock market is and what it really is
What we think the commodities market is and what it really is
Hedging derivatives and degree days
The brilliance of the MASTERS
The face of the con
Publicly traded companies are private companies worst enemy
Yearly personal reports
You may not beat the system but you can quit losing
Questions your broker wont answer with answers that your broker wont want to admit
Crazymans Glossary
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Brokersthe face of the con

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Page 24 - Thinking about winning is how we get trapped into losing. " that every quarter that's won in a slot machine causes lights to blink and makes its own little jingle in the metal tray.
Page 5 - No magician truthfully says they can saw a woman in half and then put her back together again.

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