Creating a Way Out

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Xlibris Corporation, Aug 16, 2012 - Self-Help - 456 pages

Creating a Way Out is meant to help the individual focus on day-to-day
encounters by learning to let their spiritual side guide them through
the unknown and unexpected events that will occur in a day.
Trying to overcome day-to-day stresses is sometimes more than what
we are capable of bearing alone.
Each of us deals with day-to-day occurrences differently. What may
work for one day may not work for the next.
I have encountered different types of stressors—
physical, mental, and emotional.
I tried to physically confront my stressor but found myself more
drained and filled with despair because things didn’t turn out like I
wanted them to.
They would change as the day went on, leaving me with a sense of
not knowing what to do next.
That’s when I learned that trying to do battle with my illness was not
something I could do alone. I needed someone or something to be
with me always if I were ever to survive this hurdle in life.
One of the best messages I learned was the statement “It’s not by
work but by grace.” This statement is confusing at first because
everything we learn from a physical point of view teaches that things
in life are gained by hard work or chance.
But from a spiritual or emotional prospective, that’s not how it
works. You are spiritually blessed, which means graced. Or from an
emotional standpoint, you give acceptance or receive acceptance,
which is a type of grace.
That’s why we must let the spiritual part of us deal with our
day-to-day activities without our physical interference. We may
create a brighter day for ourselves.
Sure, you’re asking yourself how we cannot interfere with one’s
spiritual self, day in, and day out.
The answers to that question can be found in Creating a Way Out by
living one day at a time.
Understand that creating a way out is not a book on religion. It’s not
a book on mental psychology. Creating a Way Out is a day-by-day
map of what works for me, and it did work for me.
So I give to you Creating a Way Out 365 Days a Year one day at a
There are several ways to use this book on your travels throughout
your adventure in life.
• You can use it by opening it page by page like in the normal
process of reading.
• You can wake up in the morning and, without looking at
the page, ask yourself what’s on your mind, open the book
to a page without looking at the page number. It will make a
reference to your thoughts.
• You may have someone tell you something they are struggling
with, open the book to a page, and if they are sincere and truly
believe it can help, it will.
I am sure there are other uses for the book as well. Let the spiritual side
in you guide you to the many uses of this book.
May you be blessed in so many ways as I have.
R. L. Leonard


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