Creation Vs. Evolution: Do You Know All the Facts?

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Tate Publishing, 2010 - Education - 235 pages
Written for all audiences, John Jacobs shares his extensive background in science and theology in an honest and unbiased manner. It illuminates the dogmatic teaching that is probably going on in your church and definitively answers many controversial questions regarding creation and science. In it you will learn never-seen-before information as to why and how the data from NASA's WMAP probe agrees with the biblical text as To The age of the universe to an accuracy of less than one percent. This book is different because the author carries radiation burn scars on his hands and arms from a 35-year career in the field of electromagnetic radiation and has theology degrees from the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies and Liberty Home Bible Institute.

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There is no science in this book. It is a pathetic attempt to make a specific religion's myths sound scientific. Of course it fails.

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This is a must read.
This is the best one yet that I have read. He shares in great detail the Creation period by period.
I have for decades had questions about the 6 day creation and how things
appear on our earth. Those questions began my search. The folks, esp. those at the Creation Research in KY. Who espouse the 6 day, 24 hr period, do so without real study of scripture, and do not believe in the scientific method of determining what goes on around us.
Our God "is" the Master Scientist. He created and established the laws of nature, and the constant directives that control what goes on in the Universe. Up until day 6 when God created man, he was working in His time zone, not the time of Planet Earth. The Big Bang theory does not espouse evolution at all, it shows the steps of Creation by Creator God.
I think more people have been pushed away from knowing God by those who say that science is wrong than those who say that the workings of the scientists show the hand of God.
Check out books by Hugh Ross, they are excellent.
Ted H.


Creation Components and Seed Material
Uncertainty Principle and Quantum Fluctuation
Matter versus the AntiMatter Ratio
Particle Accelerators
Creation and Expansion Inflation
Fossils and Fudge Factors
The Biological Blueprint Verses Evolution
Good and Very Good
Uncertainty and the Flood
The End from the Beginning A Contingency Plan
Age Discrepancy
Unqualified Sources A Young Earth
Creation Science Evangelism

Systematic Expansion and the Hubble Constant
The Age of the Universe and the Oscillating Model
The Gravitational Wave
Quantum Electrodynamics Light
Force Field Effects
Direct Evidence
Guided and Directed
NASA and Water
Progression of Life Water Plants Animals Humans
Fossils and Dinosaurs
Mass Extinction
The Walcott Story
The Hominoid Species
Answers in Genesis
Center for Scientific Creation
Church Tradition
Natural law Verses Spiritual Law
Scientific Law and Bias
Let the Earth Bring Forth versus Special Creation
The Twin Paradox Dilemma
Day and Generations
The Sixday Paradox
Dr Henry Morris The Genesis Record
William Tyndales AD 1526 Translation
The Key
Genesis The Book of Beginnings

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