Creative Dreaming: Plan And Control Your Dreams To Develop Creativity Overcome Fears Solve Proble

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Simon and Schuster, 1995 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 272 pages
Dreams are more than just random images that play in your head at night. They are the source of inspiration and the transformation that can have a profound effect on your waking state. While everyone dreams, not everyone makes use of this unique resource. Patricia Garfield presents techniques and information, drawn from many dreamers and widely varied cultures and times, that will enable you ot plan your dreams ahead of time, influence them while they are occurring, and recall them and their lessons forever afterward. "Creative Dreaming" explains how to use your dreams as a tool for making changes, being creative, solving problems, and enhancing your life.
Creative Dreamers Will Be Able To: Increase the ability to concentrate and recallBuild a capacity for coping with fear--producing dream situations that carry over into the waking stateExperience pleasureable adventures in dreamsAchieve self--understandingDefine and unify a unique personalityFind support and help for waking problemsProduce things of usefulness and beauty, for self--expression and for enrichment of the world.

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