Credits and Collections: Tested Methods and Records for Handling Credits--finding the Right Credit Basis--fortifying Your Credit Policy--collection Plans that Cut Costs

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Shaw Company, 1918 - Collecting of accounts - 267 pages

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Page 171 - Every letter of inquiry should indicate in some definite and conspicuous manner the object and scope of the inquiry. When more than one inquiry on the same subject is sent simultaneously to banks in the same city, this fact should be plainly set forth in the inquiries.
Page 172 - In answering inquiries, it is advisable to disclose all material facts bearing on the credit of the subject, because full understanding is always necessary and because all paper offered should be of the same description as that held by the borrower's own bank.
Page 165 - All persons are informed that any statement on the part of this bank, or any of its officers, as to the responsibility or standing of any person, firm or corporation or as to the value of any securities, is a mere matter of opinion and given as such, and solely as a matter of courtesy, and for which no responsibility, in any way, is to attach to this bank, or any of its officers.
Page 20 - Commission may designate and authorize. The depository bank is authorized to receive the same when so signed for the credit of, or in payment from, the payee or any other holder without inquiry as to the circumstances of their issue or the disposition of their proceeds, whether drawn to the individual order, or tendered in payment, of individual obligations of the officers above named or other officers of this Commission or otherwise.
Page 234 - Bank will observe due diligence in its endeavor to select responsible agents, but will not be liable in case of their failure or negligence, or for loss of items in the mail.)" The greater portion of the language of this receipt appears In printed form, but the words "Sp.
Page 91 - Whoever wilfully and knowingly makes any false statement in writing of his or her property valuation, real or personal, or both, or of his or her indebtedness, for the purpose of obtaining credit from any person, company, co-partnership, association or corporation, shall be deemed guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof may be imprisoned in the State prison for a period of not exceeding one year and fined any sum not exceeding one thousand dollars.
Page 172 - If form letters are used in making inquiries, it is good practice to have them bear the manual signature of the inquirer to establish responsibility. In seeking information, the name of the inquirer, in whose behalf the inquiry is made, should not be disclosed without permission.
Page 16 - If an individual, information as to his indebtedness and his financial responsibility ; (c) If a firm or corporation, a balance sheet showing quick assets, slow assets, permanent or fixed assets, current liabilities and accounts, short-term loans, long-term loans, capital and surplus...
Page 38 - For the purpose of procuring credit from time to time with you for our negotiable paper or otherwise, we furnish the following as a true and accurate statement of our financial condition on...
Page 122 - Command to cease from this date. 2. All arms and public property to be deposited at Greensboro, and delivered to an Ordnance Officer of the United States Army. 3. Rolls of all the officers and men to be made in duplicate, one copy to be retained by the Commander of the troops and the other to be given to an officer to be designated by General Sherman. Each officer and man to give his individual obligation in writing not to take up arms against the Government of the United States until properly released...

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