Crippled by Compassion: Public Education's Model for a Whiny, Underachieving America

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Strategic Book Publishing, 2010 - Education - 168 pages
Public schools are compromising the lives of millions of children, creating an unsustainable burden ratio. If we were solvent today, given Public Ed's PC, dumb down entitlement sanctuary, sooner or later we'd be right back at current stats. In Crippled by Compassion, Robert Lutz exposes the fallacies of framing reform around the perpetual extortion of the American people on behalf of the children. The true beneficiaries of redistributive policies are a subset of public sector employees, as evidenced by the job banks of public school campuses and districts. Lutz scoffs at the notion that redirecting tax dollars to the classroom would bear significant improvement, given the vacancy of discipline and educational fundamentals. A burgeoning nanny state, feasting on languishing human capital, Lutz claims our youth provide sustenance for big government and unions. A normal human emotion gone awry, the deceitful packaging of compassion has undermined America's present value. Lutz's anecdotes littered throughout Crippled by Compassion lend themselves not only to reviving the American public school system but to a laissez faire renaissance, as he parallels the ineffectiveness of the powerless teacher and local government, each subject to overreaching rule. His passion palpable, Lutz implores the reader to reject the impotent policies that trickle down the paper clip chains of command, culminating in the coddling and corrupting of our lowest common denominators. True reform will remain elusive until the behavioral boundaries obliterated by a PC culture have been restored. A philosophical revolution, Lutz asserts, in conjunction with the renewal of primitive educational basics will raise test scores, self confidence and the overall American spirit. Shockingly informative, witty, and though somewhat tragic in its assessment of where we could be headed as a nation, Crippled by Compassion is as dramatic and entertaining as non-fiction gets. Robert Lutz is a mathematician, P.E. coach, grammar guru, and to a lesser extent, a scientist and historian ... in other words, a substitute teacher. He has spent nearly a decade toiling in the trenches of an abysmal school district. An unproduced screenwriter, he lives in Hollywood, where he supplements his income shaking martinis for the highly affluent. He holds a B.A. in economics from U.C. Berkeley and is intent on reforming every middle school in America, whether by bus tour or starting his own campus to serve as a model for the rest of the country. With his forthcoming website,, Lutz is set to embark on an Astroturf crusade to unseat hundreds of unfit Congresspersons. Publisher's website: http: //

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Extortion for the Children
Bloated Ed A Modified Welfare State
Calculators? Are You ing Kidding Me?
Crippled by Fear and Lawsuits
Entitlement Externalities
Remedial State University
Mr Lutzs Dream School
Auditions for Politicians

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