Critical Infrastructure Protection: Comprehensive Strategy Can Draw on Year 2000 Experiences : Report to the Chairman, Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem, U.S. Senate

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Page 3 - Dramatic increases In computer interconnectivity, especially in the use of the Internet, continue to revolutionize the way our government, our nation, and much of the world communicate and conduct business. The benefits have been enormous. Vast amounts of information are now literally at our fingertips, facilitating research on virtually every topic...
Page 42 - Medicare Computer Systems: Year 2000 Challenges Put Benefits and Services in Jeopardy (GAO/AIMD-98-284, September 28, 1998).
Page 28 - As agreed with your office, unless you publicly announce its contents earlier, we plan no further distribution of this report until 30 days from the date of this report.
Page 3 - Internet, continue to revolutionize the way much of the world communicate and conducts business, this widespread interconnectivity also poses significant risks to the government's and our nation's computer systems and, more importantly, to the critical operations and infrastructures they support. For example, telecommunications, power distribution, water supply, public health services...
Page 46 - Social Security Administration: Significant Progress Made in Year 2000 Effort, But Key Risks Remain (GAO/AIMD-98-6, October 22, 1997) Defense Computers: Technical Support Is Key to Naval Supply Year 2000 Success...
Page 46 - November?, 1997) Year 2000 Computing Crisis: National Credit Union Administration's Efforts to Ensure Credit Union Systems Are Year 2000 Compliant (GAO/T-AIMD-98-20, October 22, 1997) Social Security Administration: Significant Progress Made in Year 2000 Effort.
Page 36 - Year 2000 Computing Challenge: Status of the District of Columbia's Efforts to Renovate Systems and Develop Contingency and Continuity Plans (GAO/T-AIMD-99-297, September 24, 1999). Year 2000 Computing Challenge: The District of Columbia Cannot Reliably Track Y2K Costs (GAO/T-AIMD-99-298, September 24, 1999). Reported Year 2000 (Y2K) Readiness Status of 25 Large School Districts (GAO/AIMD-99-296R, September 21, 1999). IRS...
Page 5 - Protection, which had been established to investigate our nation's vulnerability to both "cyber" and physical threats. In its October 1997 report, Critical Foundations: Protecting America's Infrastructures, the Commission described the potentially devastating implications of poor information security from a national perspective. The report also recognized that the federal government must "lead by example," and included recommendations for improving government systems security.
Page 19 - February 4, 1998, the President signed an executive order that established the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion, chaired by an Assistant to the President and consisting of one representative from each of the executive departments and from other federal agencies as may be determined by the Chair. The Chair of the Council was tasked with the following Year 2000 roles: (1) overseeing the activities of agencies; (2) acting as chief spokesperson in national and international forums; (3) providing...
Page 50 - In May 1999, we reported that, as part of our tests of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) computer-based controls, we successfully penetrated several mission-critical systems. Having obtained access, we could have disrupted NASA's ongoing command and control operations and stolen, modified, or destroyed system software and data.

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