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Page 182 - Norway is an extensive country, bounded on the ,west by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the east by Sweden. It is a cold, bleak, and barren region, but the inhabitants live pretty comfortably.
Page 46 - ... posterity. 3. Thus the Egyptian style of building derived its origin from the cavern and mound; the Chinese from the tent; the Grecian from the wooden cabin; and the Gothic from the bower of trees.
Page 121 - Cascades and fountains whose waters are, in their fall, divided into drops, exhibit rain-bows to a spectator, if properly situated during the time of the sun's shining ; and water blown violently from the mouth of an observer whose back is turned towards the sun never fails to produce the same phenomenon.
Page 253 - Mahometans, and one half of them are nearly in a savage state. The rest are in a barbarous condition. 8. The central parts of Africa abound in wild animals, such as lions, panthers, leopards, elephants, rhinoceroses, zebras, and quaggas. The woods are filled with chattering monkeys, the thickets are infested with monstrous serpents, ostriches roam over the deserts, various kinds of antelopes and deer in vast herds graze upon the plains, hippopotami are seen in the lakes and rivers, and crocodiles...
Page 102 - Not long after this king and queen were crowned, the American Revolution broke out. The United States declared themselves a free and independent republic. The people of France took a great interest in the affairs of America ; and they began to think that a republic was a better kind of government than a monarchy.
Page 272 - Britain. 5. All these provinces together compose a tract of country equal in extent to the United States. They are bounded north by the Arctic Sea and Baffin's Bay, east by the Atlantic, south by the United States, and west by Russian America and the Pacific Ocean. 6. The first people who formed settlements in America, to the northward of the present limits of the United States, were the French. Nearly three hundred years ago, they were in the habit of sending fishing-vessels to this coast.
Page 226 - AD 1215, in the great charter granted by that prince; wherein he promises to summon all archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, and greater barons, personally; and all other tenants in chief under the crown, by the sheriff and bailiffs; to meet at a certain place, with forty days' notice to assess aids and scutages when necessary.
Page 165 - An eclipse of the sun is said to be annular, when at the time of the eclipse a ring of the sun appears round the edges of the moon ; and a central eclipse of the sun will be an annular one, if the distance of the moon from the earth at the time of the eclipse be greater than its mean distance.
Page 259 - These show that many ages since, between three and four thousand years ago, this country was filled with millions of people, and that there were cities here of the most wonderful magnificence. 2. Thebes appears to have been more magnificent than any other city either in ancient or modern times. It was called the city of a hundred gates; and such was the immense population, that through each of these gates, in time of war, marched two hundred armed chariots, and two thousand soldiers.
Page 154 - Those which appear largest, are called stars of the first magnitude ; the next to them in lustre, stars of the second magnitude ; and so on to the sixth, which are the smallest that are visible to the bare eye.

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