Cruise of the "Alert": Four Years in Patagonian, Polynesian, and Mascarene Waters (1878-82)

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W. Swann Sonnenschein, 1885 - Mascarene Islands - 256 pages

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Page 104 - offers an example of those extraordinary cases of a bird evidently belonging to one well-marked family, yet both in its habits and
Page 232 - is a mile and a half long by a quarter of a mile in width, and
Page 115 - there is not in the world a more beautiful country, or better strait, than this one.
Page 73 - most characteristic feature in the scenery of the western shores of Patagonia is owing to the phenomenon of " soil motion," an occurrence which is here in a great measure due to the exceptionally wet nature of the climate. This slippage of the soilcap seems in this region to be continually taking place wherever the basement rock presents a moderately inclined surface.
Page 129 - Captain Latorre then made a trial of some coal which he found lying in a heap near the pit's mouth, and after executing a partial survey of Skyring Water was recalled to Sandy Point, on receiving news of a disastrous mutiny in that colony. The settlement remained uninhabited from
Page 148 - about half a mile long by a quarter of a mile broad, and
Page 20 - varying in length from a quarter of an inch to an inch, and
Page 160 - feet; but what most surprised me was the enormous size of the mast, which lay alongside the vessel. It was about the size of the Alert's spanker boom.
Page 73 - are apt to be confounded with those due to glacial action, for the soilcap takes with it in its downward progress not only its clothing of trees, ferns, and mosses, but also a " moraine profonde
Page 204 - and sterns. They carried a huge triangular sail, which, when going before the wind, is set right athwart-ships with the apex downwards, and when beating seemed to be used like a reversible Fiji sail.

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