Crystal Oversoul Attunements

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Independent Publishing Group, Nov 2, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 112 pages
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Designed for meditation and contemplation, this set of 44 beautiful cards and accompanying book explore in great depth the spiritual and metaphysical qualities of crystals and how to communicate with the part of the collective consciousness that the crystals represent. Each card is a photographic mandala featuring a different crystal that conveys messages directly into the consciousness of the viewer. The corresponding volume contains information about crystal healing and meditation practice. Together the cards and the book build a map, representing the shared spiritual and healing potential that these meditations can bring.

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The cards and book set are packaged in a sturdy box with a magnetic clip for easy access, to keep both your cards and book in pristine condition. There are 44 cards in the set, each with a different complex and exquisitely beautiful mandala that draws you in to its sublime images of actual crystals photographed/edited to encapsulate their “overlighting” essence, or oversoul essence. Having studied various spiritual literature for many years, I was already familiar with the term “oversoul” and it was something that always piqued my interest, forever wanting to know more about this. My belief in unity often lead me to desire to know the structure of that unity, believing all in the universe is in perfect order, and not random - so I naturally believed oneness must have a structure also. In this instance, the oversouls are of the crystals themselves...the devic essence of the crystal, as there is an essence to everything, including plants (plant devas).
I have spent some time with this magnificent card and book set, and immensely enjoyed engaging with the crystal images, and their calming, focused emanations. I am enjoying the journey of soul expansion that they are facilitating in my life, the accuracy for each card selected to the relevance of such in that current moment in my life for what I needed to learn as a soul. Working with the set like a wise and gentle soul steering you to exactly the knowledge to correct your course in life. All of the cards are wonderful, and I have had a couple of cards that have been beyond profound:- when feeling a little blocked one day and not knowing why, the card I selected suggested clearing and opening the 8th chakra, and this made such perfect sense to me, as my in-body 7 chakra system was absolutely was just more openness to higher finer energy streams coming in through me was needed. Another was considering many new upcoming changes in my life, and the desire not to choose just some, but how to embody it all...and I received the card for aura expansion...which also made perfect sense, as being an energy sensitive person, I probably contracted my aura on numerous occasions to remain pure in my own energy resonance. The meditations are also very effective. I do have an ability to glide effortlessly into meditation following nearly three decades of regular (twice daily) meditation, but I could imagine anyone would enjoy the healing meditations and the insights gleaned during the guided visualizations. I love creative visualization, and had guided many of my own clients through this process within a healing session, often seeing a healing bed with crystals suspended above the bed. The meditations in Crystal Oversoul attunements involve laying (in your creative mind) on a solid crystal bed or disc..and other variations. I have enjoyed every meditation thus far. They are all special moments for me.
Crystals were my first port of call when stepping onto the path of awakening fully in 1992, and totally fascinated me then, that they had qualities, so I studied every book I could find on crystals and crystal healing, including master crystals - advanced crystal study. I studied the various crystals markings and what they meant - as in record keeper crystals, lemurian seed crystals, atlantean crystals. I also studied all of the different formations such as twin crystals, bridge crystals and so forth. So, for any crystal related book, cards, or any other item, I knew it would take something special to hold my interest avidly, and I can assure you this set has succeeded in such. Everything births forth from the soul, so soul growth and direction/navigation is - to me - the most important consideration in life. Then follows the interconnectedness of all of life, the oneness, or simply put, pure and real love and the light that emanates when such is engaged fully. I love the speed with which I am awakening to new understanding of familiar situations. I do consciously consider life from this perspective every hour of every day - I am awake and not dormant in my subconscious

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Michael has been the Chair of ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organizations) 2009-2014 and was the Chair of CTC Crystal Therapy Council. He teaches two year crystal healing diplomas as well as post graduate classes for the School of Soul Medicine. Judy Hall is an internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, and healer. She is the author of more than 30 books, including The Crystal Bible and The Encyclopedia of Crystals.

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