Cult Child

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Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp Print Us, Jun 26, 2014 - Adult child abuse victims - 316 pages
"It is 1973 when Sila Caprin's mother is recruited into a religious cult, Sam Fife's Move of God. Within the year, Sila and her older siblings, Leis and Jeremy, along with all of the family's belongings, are packed in a U-Haul headed from California to Massachusetts. Eventually they will be taken far into the Alaska tundra to live at a compound monitored by armed men and surrounded by miles of woods. Under the guise of Sam Fife's violent teachings the children become victims of physical, mental and sexual abuse. Sila's life consists of fighting to maintain just a glimmer of her own humanity, dreaming that her father will find her and save them. Sila turns to poetry and art in an attempt to cope with her harsh daily environments. She is intuitive and smart, loud and bold, fighting for individuality in a culture where she is insignificant and unprotected; until the day her sister becomes a victim of an act that in its sadness becomes their savior.Her fortress is no bigger than the space between her ears; but through quiet internal resistance, Sila halts her opponents and outlasts their ten year siege. Vennie Kocsis has composed a deeply moving novel about how abuse is experienced directly from the eyes and heart of her own childhood. She poignantly and ultimately triumphantly portrays the will and absolute ability children have to cope themselves through trauma. This is a harrowing first-person account of one child's ordeals inside the isolated commune of an ultra-fundamentalist religious cult."Review by M Dolon Hickmon, best-selling author of "13:24: A Story of Faith and Obsession""Cult Child" excerpt: In the beginning of November, before the first snow comes, I go upstairs to our room and see a group of people around Sienna's door. I try to go through, but Brother Barry tells me to go into my room and mind my business. I go into our room and jump up on the bunk bed to see if I can talk to Sienna over the wall. She is sitting on her top bunk crying. "What is wrong?" I whisper. I am worried. I can sense the change in the air. It is heavy with sadness. Sienna kneels on her top bunk and we put our chins on the low wall looking at each other. "We have to leave." she whispers back. "They are kicking us off the farm." Rita and Daryn are questioning things too much. The Elders have made a decision that they are not dedicated to the Movement, and are not ready to commit to preparing for the End Times. They've found out about the meetings at Penny and Rocco's house, and how all of them have been discussing the contradictions between the Bible and what is being preached to us. The Elders hold Daryn responsible. They say he has been constantly bringing it up with people, trying to arrange secret meetings against the Elders. Now they are packing. The Elders are standing around the doorway so that they can't talk to anyone. They are being driven out of the woods and into the city tonight. Sienna and I hold fingers over the wall. My throat is so hot. It has something stuck in it, and there are tears burning at my eyes. In a place where I have felt less alone because of Sienna, I am being left alone again. Sienna hands a rag doll over the wall. It is made with cloth patches of differing colors. Its eyes are buttons, and the hair is bright, yellow yarn. It even has matching patch shoes with yarn bows. "Here," Sienna says softly. "She wants to stay with you." I take the doll and hold it against me. Tears are sliding down my cheeks now. "Will you write me letters?" I ask."Yes!" she breathes. "I promise I will write you!"I am jealous of Sienna. She is escaping. She gets to leave, and go to the city I so desperately want to see and feel and hear. I am sad because my heart knows I will never see her again. Rita comes into the room and tells Sienna it's time to go. I can't see Rita, but I tell her I love her. Her voice crackles a little bit..."

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About the author (2014)

Vennie Kocsis (1969-Present) was born in Portsmouth, VA. She is an passionate supporter of cult abuse survivors and a strong activist against child abuse. Vennie's poetry collection, "Dusted Shelves," is available in both paperback and audio version. Vennie journal, "Becoming Gratitude," is a supportive tool helping trauma survivors. Vennie resides in the Pacific Northwest where she continues to write, blog and share her story of healing from religious child abuse. She also enjoy creating art and singing.

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