Cultivating Life: A Story of Earth and Hearth

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AuthorHouse, Nov 29, 2001 - Biography & Autobiography - 196 pages

"America's Fifth Season" encompasses political intrigue, murder, two mysteries, and possible solutions to some of the most volatile problems that America has been unsuccessfully dealing with for decades.

The lead characters are Chase and Melanie Lancaster of Kerrville, Texas. Chase owns an oil well trouble shooting company, and Melanie is a gifted plastic surgeon. Her patients are often victims of the gang violence in San Antonio and throughout major cities in the United States.

Chase and Melanie have long discussed the need for change in America. Now they have decided to do more than talk.

Chase's closest friends are ex-Navy Seals, and Special Forces personnel. They play a major role throughout the book, serving as body guards as well as the center of one of the mysteries.

The villains are the self-interested groups and politicians who will stop at nothing to derail Chase's bid for a seat in the Texas Senate; even to the point of taking his life. They know that if he gets his foot in the door exposure of much of the "deal" voting will surely follow.

Robert Thorton is the king of dirty tricks who controls a number of those in office through the blatant use blackmail. What's worse is the fact that he employs Mack Johnson, also ex-special forces, who has absolutely no qualms when it comes to crime on any level.

His speeches made throughout Texas discuss today's immigration failures, foreign aid waste, bowing to special interest groups, and more importantly, offer hope to the working class citizens of America.

The Lancaster's are dangerous because they owe no favors, require no corporate contributions, and have a support base of like-minded individuals already in office. He just might be the catalyst to make their voices heard and increase their numbers.

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