Cultural History After Foucault

John Neubauer
Transaction Publishers, 1998 - 246 Seiten

Both as historian and maker of culture, Foucault infused numerous disciplines of study with a new conceptual vocabulary and an agenda for future research. His ideas have called central assumptions in Western culture into question and altered the ways in which scholars and social scientists approach such issues as discourse theory, theory of knowledge, Eros, technologies of the Self and Other, punishment and prisons, and asylums and madness.

The contributors to this volume indicate Foucault's achievements and the suggestive power of his work, as well as his methodological weaknesses, historical inaccuracies, and ambiguities. Above all, they attempt to show how one can use Foucault to go beyond him in opening new approaches to cultural history. Though comprehensiveness was not attempted, their essays broach the major controversial aspects of Foucauldian cultural history--the position of the subject, the fusion of power and knowledge, sexuality, the historical structures and changes--and they explicitly analyze them with respect to antiquity, the Renaissance, and the nineteenth century.

In this collection, Neubauer presents analyses by historians, literary scholars, and philosophers of the entire, transdisciplinary range of Foucault's oeuvre, emphasizing the rich suggestiveness of its agenda. The breadth of the undertaking makes it suitable for seminars and graduate courses in numerous departments.


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Foucaults Shells Freuds Symptoms Towards a Psychoanalytic Conception of Cultural History
Modes of Conceptualizing Cultural History
The Process of Intellectual Change A PostFoucauldian Hypothesis
Periodization as a Technique of Cultural Identification
The Suppression of the Negative Moment in Foucaults History of Sexuality
Foucault in Gay America Sexuality at Plymouth Plantation
Philosophy in the Filigree of Power The Limits of an Immanent Critique

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