Curiosities of natural history, Volume 2

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Richard Bentley, 1903 - Reference - 331 pages
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"the whale pavilion" (écrit en 1903). F.T. Buckland

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Page xvii - But ask now the Beasts and they shall teach thee, and the Fowls of the air and they shall tell thee ; or speak to the Earth and it shall teach thee, and the Fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee
Page 21 - And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage in mortar, and in brick, and in all manner of service in the field.
Page 338 - bay, And traversed the ocean deep ; And at night they sank on a coral bank, In its fairy bowers to sleep. And the monsters vast of ages past, They beheld in their ocean caves ; They saw them ride in their power and
Page 146 - funeral urn, Whose neck ye must grace no more ; Gneiss, Granite, and Slate ! he settled your date, And his ye must now deplore. Weep, Caverns, weep ! with infiltering drip, Your recesses he'll cease to explore ; For mineral veins, and organic remains, No Stratum again will he bore. Oh ! his Wit shone
Page 289 - winter. They come over our heads all of a sudden, singing ' ewe-ewe,' and the men in the boat wanted to go back. It came on to rain and blow soon afterwards, and was an awful night, sir ; and, sure enough, before morning, a boat was upset, and seven poor fellows drowned. I
Page 214 - immediate burial in the retention of the forms of these distended membranes, since they would speedily have decayed and have spilt their ink had they been exposed but a few hours to decomposition in water. The animals must, therefore, have died suddenly, and been quickly buried in the sediment that formed the strata in which their petrified
Page 106 - pursued a little black and tan terrier, hopping with fearful jumps, assisted by his wings, which, happily for the affrighted dog, had been recently clipped. To this the little favourite owed his life, as he crept through a hedge which his assailant could not fly over; but it was a very near
Page 220 - its appearance while the men were employed, during a calm, in raking the sides of the vesseL The colossal fish seized three men in its arms, and drew them under water, in spite of every effort to preserve them : the thickness of one of the arms, which was cut off in the contest, was that of
Page 105 - being duly labelled at the Great Western Station, ' Passenger's Luggage.' By the care of his new master, Mr. Francis Buckland, the bird soon regained his natural noble aspect; delighting especially to dip and wash in a pan of water, then sitting on his perch with his magnificent wings expanded to their full extent, basking in
Page 37 - from her. I had three sheep with me, so I off-packed and killed one. She seemed ravenous, and though I had purposely offpacked some two hundred yards from her, the poor wretch kept crawling and dragging herself up to me, and would not be withheld, for fear I should forget to give her the food I promised,