Curriculum Making in Secondary Schools

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H. Holt, 1923 - Education - 534 pages

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Page 175 - First Year English Grammar, including exercises in reading, in parsing, and analyzing, in the correction of bad English ; punctuation and prosody, arithmetic; geography, and algebra through Simple Equations. For the Second...
Page 61 - Many highly educated American ministers, lawyers, and teachers have never received any scientific training, have never used any instrument of precision, possess no manual skill whatever, and cannot draw, sing, or play on a musical instrument. Their entire education has dwelt in the region of language, literature, philosophy, and history, with a brief excursion into the field of mathematics.
Page 269 - ... how to find books that are worth while. These two aims are fundamental; they must be kept in mind in planning the whole course and applied in the teaching of every term. II. Expression in speech includes: (a) Ability to answer clearly, briefly, and exactly a question on which one has the necessary information.
Page 291 - The social studies are understood to be those whose subject matter relates directly to the organization and development of human society, and to man as a member of social groups.
Page 362 - The primary purposes of the teaching of mathematics should be to develop those powers of understanding and of analyzing relations of quantity and of space which are necessary to an insight into and control over our environment and to an appreciation of the progress of civilization in its various aspects, and to develop those habits of thought and of action which will make these powers effective in the life...
Page 177 - Composition; Reading from the most approved authors; Exercises in criticism, comprising critical analyses of the language, grammar, and style of the best English authors, their errors and beauties; Declamation; Geography; Arithmetic continued Algebra.
Page 176 - Latin, law (constitutional, select revised statutes, criminal and mercantile, Blackstone's Commentaries) , logic, leveling, logarithms, vocal music, instrumental music, mapping, mensuration, mineralogy, mythology, natural history, navigation, nautical astronomy, natural theology, orthography, natural philosophy, moral philosophy, intellectual philosophy, penmanship, political economy, painting, perspective, physiology, English pronunciation, reading, rhetoric, Roman antiquities, stenography, statistics,...
Page 44 - For the general reading in this and the following grades there should be provided a wide range of books, papers, and magazines dealing with wholesome living, worthy home membership, vocations, citizenship, the Worthy use of leisure, and right conduct.
Page 452 - III. INSTRUCTION IN HEALTH PROBLEMS The pupils should be given instruction in: (a) the practical elementary problems which concern their health; as, for example, diet, care of the teeth, sex, sleep, exercise, and bathing in school and at home; (b) the general conditions related to health, as room temperature, ventilation, dust, school seating, and posture; (c) the public health problems, like sewage disposal, milk and water supplies, and general control of infectious diseases.
Page 378 - Drill in algebraic manipulation should be limited to those processes and to the degree of complexity required for a thorough understanding of principles and for probable applications either in common life or in subsequent courses which a substantial proportion of the pupils will take.

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