Cycles and Rhythms of Intrigue

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Itchy Feet Publications, Mar 15, 2010 - 98 pages
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This book may enlighten you as to why something you are well aware of happens on a regular basis. You may know the Monarch butterfly migrates, you may know that trees have electrical current flowing through them and that it changes direction on a regular basis, or that the sun is due to change its polarity in 2012, or did you? You'll find the reasons why many things happen, when they happen, listed in this book. Cycles and Rhythms are a part of life, possibly more than you might think. This book may be used by those who research cycles for their particular interests, or just out of a curiosity about life. Though, as an Astrologer, it was my curiosity that led to the investigation as to why things repeat themselves on a regular basis. There are those who readily admit the moon has an effect on the ocean's tides, but then deny that the planets have an affect in life as well.

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About the author (2010)

As Professional Astrologer since 1964, Donald became curious about things going on in life that just took place to often to be coincidental. Then as he began to understand it seemed more cyclic, he found that marriages fell apart as if on schedule, that a Mid-life crises would appear at a nearly predetermined time in someone's life. That the increase in injuries to fingers and toes were noted by hospitals as a common event that happened three or four times a year. It may have been the saying among writers, "I'm suffering from wrier's block." That made his search go into more depth.

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