The Deepest Dynamic: A Neurofractal Paradigm of Mind, Consciousness, the Human Brain, Evolution/development, Gender Asymmetry, Gaia, and the Multiverse

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Mama Val Promise, Feb 28, 2011 - Science - 102 pages
The Deepest Dynamic is a book that closes the gap between science and spirituality in a way that others have only speculated about. This book is both for people with a scientific orientation who need a comfortable way to connect with Spirit, and for those with a spiritual orientation who could use a better understanding of the contours of the illusion so as to more readily go beyond it. We introduce the Promise Premise, which uses the "cause-mology" of The Disappearance of the Universe along with recent developments in the sciences to elucidate the En-Self-ification Principle, the fractal/chaotic/holographic impulse of separation and fragmentation that informs the entire universe. Turns out that, as with so much else, form follows function. The universe, and everything in it, is the way it is for a reason that preceded its emanation. The Deepest Dynamic answers all of the Perennial Questions that humankind has asked throughout the ages--in a humorous, entertaining, and informative way. It is based on *The Disappearance of the Universe*, which is based on *A Course in Miracles*, which is designed to efficiently awaken the reader to the Voice for God within. Nothing less will do!

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Manifesto for a New Science
Review of Everything We Think We Know
The Disappearance of the Universe The Missing Link
The EnSelfification Impulse
The Nuts and Bolts of the Illusion
ImplicationsApplications and Verifications

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MAMA V PROMISE is a writer, artist, musician, independent researcher, inquiring mind, creative genius, teacher, and community activist living in Santa Cruz, CA. She has an academic background in religion and media arts, and professional background in publications, mostly technical. She's here to do everything she can to help the world get back to Love/Truth/Source, whatever it takes. She thinks it's silly to have to write bios in the third person as if she were not writing every word herself, but acknowledges that life can be funny like that.

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