Daddy's Little Princess

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Xulon Press, Feb 24, 2010 - Biography & Autobiography - 220 pages
Crystal longed for her father's love, but she felt only rejection. Added to that, she grew up in a home where incest and sexual molestation seemed "natural"-even from a very young age. But when her neighbor raped her and other men abused her she blamed herself. What have I done to make them do this to me? Her low self-esteem and depression led her into alcohol and drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, thoughts of suicide, self-destructive habits and dabbling in the occult. As an adult, she searched for her identity and purpose in life through being a wife, a mother and serving God. But miscarriages, failed adoptions and years of infertility kept her from her dream of being a mother. Crystal turned to adultery to find value in herself. But this only added to her guilt and shame. She believed she didn't deserve to be forgiven. At her lowest point, however, the heavenly Father filled her with His love and revealed her identity to her as Daddy's Little Princess. Crystal Narby served as a youth pastor for ten years and was involved with the Yokefellow Prison Ministry for many years. She was also a volunteer counselor for a domestic violence/rape crisis hotline. Presently she ministers healing and deliverance through Bible studies and speaking engagements. Her mission is to love the Lord and live a fasted life, according to Isaiah 58:6-7, and to go into all the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, as commissioned in Mark 16:15-18. Crystal resides with her husband, Greg, and their son, Jayden, in Dubois, Pennsylvania.

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Crystal is a terrible writer and this book is boring. Crystal is also a fake and a fraud. She devotes a whole chapter about Lukas, her best friend in the world that she describes as so wonderful and taught her the true meaning of friendship. This best friend ended up committing suicide last year bc he had been brutally terrorizing a raping his stepdaughter for 10 years (during the time of thier pertect friendship). He killed himself bc he got caught and didnt want to go to prison. This best friend Lukas was exactly like crystal's stepfather rapist and yet she was planning on running away together with lukas while she and greg were in a relationship and married. Lukas and she would spend hours and hours together and were "so close" that even her mother suspected that Lukas was Jayden's biological father. When she finally found out about Lukas raping his little stepdaughter, crystal showed no compassion to her or her mother or Lukas son. Crystal promised to call Lukas stepdaughter and help her by just being there for her, but failed and broke many promises to this poor traumatized 11 year old girl that her best friend left broken. Then crystal expected Lukas' exwife (the stepdaughter's mother who is picking up the mess that Lukas left behind
to pay to be counselled by Crystal. She spent endless hours and gave free time of hers to her best friend but expected lukas victims to pay her for counselung esp after Crystal said that God brought them together to be friends. Crystal has no compassion and forgot what is feels to suffer from childhood sexual abuse. She yelled at lukas exwife saying she's wasting her time when all she wanted was was advice from friend bc her daughter (lukas 11 year old stepdaughter) became suicidal and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. Crystal never asked how she was and never offered to visit her nor did she even sent her a card. She's a terrible listener and claims she counsels but she does all the talking and gives all the advice without listening or trying to understand that person's pain. She's not a Counselor, just rams God down your throat. I think she needs to stop worrying so much about her image and start showing comassion and love to those who come to her and have suffered sexual abuse. I lost all respect for her when she broke promises after promises to my suffering daughter, Lukas stepdaughter and lost most respect for her when she said wonderful things about Lukas just to get his family to add her as facebook friends. She wants popularity rather than truly helping others. Her book is badly written bc she is living in a fantasy world and the skills are just lacking. Lukas stepdaughter has read it and has commented that it is a badly written and boring book and really has nothing to offer her. She hasn't made one penny and has funded the book entirely and the same thing will happen with her next book. The only people that read it are those she knows, no one else. I highly do not recommend this book!!


Part One
The Early Years
My New Daddy
My Rebellion
My Knight in Shining Armor
Part Two
The Affair
The Confession
The Search for D J
D J s Return
On My Own
Greg My New Love
Saved by a Song

The Loss of Our Children
Meeting My Heavenly Father
Life in Maryland
The Adoption
Part Three
The Demon Attack
Questioning Our Decision to Adopt
Not Allowed to Love
Our Divorce
Part Four
The Passion of the Christ
The New Me
Loving Greg
The Voice of God
My Miracle

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