Dahn Yoga Basics: A Complete Guide to the Meridian Stretching, Breathing Exercises, Energy Work, Relaxation, and Meditation Techniques of Dahn Yoga

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Best Life Media, 2008 - Health & Fitness - 142 pages

This practitioner's guide details the fundamentals of Dahn Yoga's highly effective mind-body training system, which is now known as Body & Brain Yoga. The book features full-color photography and detailed explanatiosn of basic Dahn Yoga exercises, including meridian stretching, energy breathing, and meditation. This easy-to-use reference guide will help you perfect your postures as you learn the principles behind the practice. Dahn Yoga Basics is a must-have essential for all Dahn Yoga and holistic health enthusiasts. 

Through clear, concise explanation, you will gain greater understanding of the human energy system, while also learning how to stimulate the flow of energy through your body. All stretching and breathing postures are fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions, which will help you achieve the ideal position for increased energy and stress relief. 

Inside Dahn Yoga Basics:
- Full color photography and illustration.
- Concise, easy-to-follow instructions for every exercise.
- Fully illustrated explanation of the body's energy system.
- Dahn Yoga posture chart and glossary.
- Clear explanation of basic Dahn principles and philosophy.


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Overall it is a helpful book for all levels of yoga practitioners. The methods for meridian stretching and breathing are especially helpful when combined with the images. Easy to check your posture and feel the stretch and clear out any stress and/or energies that no longer serve you. Definitely something to check out - especially if you've never tried any kind of yoga before or if you are looking to combine yoga with strengthening exercises. (There are some poses that focus on core strength and some energy martial arts sequences that are amazing!) 

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Great book for beginners and seasoned practitioners! :) Very easy to understand and follow.


What Is Dahn Yoga? What Are the Benefits? 13
The Dahn Yoga Principles
The Components of Dahn Yoga
Intestine Exercise
Relaxation Posture 2 Accumulation Posture 3 Circulation 1 Posture 4 Circulation 2 Posture 5 Relaxation and Accumulation DahnMuDo Bow Stance ...
The Dahn Yoga Posture Chart Recommend Reading Glossary Index
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Page 24 - The twelve major meridians correspond to specific human organs: kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, lungs, pericardium, bladder, gallbladder, stomach, small and large intestines, and the triple burner (body temperature regulator).
Page 22 - Energy of the Mind, Jin-ki There are three types of Ki energy in the human body. Won-ki is the energy that you have inherited, or were born with. Jung-ki is the energy that you obtain by eating and breathing.
Page 22 - Jin-ki is generated by the mind through concentration, its quality varies according to the state of the mind at a given time. A positive frame of mind and emotional state produces a positive flow of energy. This, in turn, will have a calming and relaxing effect on the body.
Page 21 - By opening blockages in the energy pathways and reawakening our innate ability to sense energy flow, we can recover our health and natural balance. When we develop sensitivity to Ki, we will be able to utilize our bodies
Page 24 - OK-CHIM: Locate the slightly protruding point in the back of your head. Ok-chim consists of two separate points that are located one inch to either side of that protrusion.
Page 24 - Located between the first and second vertebrae. This is the place where the neck and head meet.
Page 24 - Gate." IN-DANG: Frequently called "the third eye" in the West, this point is located between the eyebrows.
Page 21 - Although immersed in this grand flow of energy every moment of our lives, we are unable to sense its currents without properly attuned senses.
Page 4 - My body is not me, but mine. My mind is not me, but mine.

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 Dahn Yoga Education is an institution that researches and develops educational materials for Dahn Yoga practitioners with the help and support of Dahn Yoga professionals.

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