Dancing with Disillusion

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Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2011 - Poetry - 90 pages
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"Talking to Myself," ... The first poem of the collection

  • The world seems a hoax
  • Reality, a sick nightmare
  • Dreams, a delusion
  • Huxley had it right
  • And Orwell knew something
  • Observing the rich eating steaks and poor order- hamburgers
  • While the world snorts a crack-like drug called- the law

  • Democrat, Republican
  • Two sides of the same coin
  • They got us

  • As Uncle Sam smile in his rocking chair
  • As Uncle Tom happily licks watermelon juices off-of his fingers
  • I want to shatter their teeth-
  • And have them choke on the sediments of all of the lives they have devoured over time
  • As long as our sons and daughters eat ice cream cones and watch television, we don't fight back

  • Living in the land of the free-
  • Itīs obvious everything comes at a price
  • Death comes cheap,
  • But its living that's gonna cost ya
  • And no injuries or conditions, please!
  • Broken arm, Heart bypass, Lung Cancer
  • 10,000, 20,000, 41,000 dollars when everyone is- one check away from skid row

  • And STDīs
  • Just ask your thirteen year old sister or one of-her friends because-
  • 1/4 of the adolescence are carriers
  • Or go speak to the Black youth, 48% of them have-been infected with something!

  • But what the hell do I know!
  • Even after I am done, no one will care!

  • Youīll all go back to eating, fucking, and shitting
  • And the cycle will go on!
  • And soon, the world will be rid of people like me
  • ...Talking to myself...

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