Dante: A Dramatic Poem

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Lamley, 1892 - 136 pages
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Page 136 - ... placed them all together at the feet of the poet. On rising from dinner the pile was discovered ; the company seemed much amused, and Can Grande remarked that Dante must be a great eater of meat. To which he quickly retorted, alluding to his name of Cane : — " Sir, you would not see so many bones even if I were a dog (un cane).
Page 33 - Methought that I could taste it still a scrap. Marco. In our hearts, wife, when waneth one fair moon Shall rise another sweeter than the first, Providing honey lavishly to feed Throughout our years of eld that wild bee — Love.
Page 108 - Another bridal is my theme — my country's. * Console thyself, Italia, for thy spouse, * Our century's joy, thy people's glory, comes ; * He hastens to thy nuptials — dry thy tears, * O beautiful of the most beautiful...
Page 127 - Eternity. And so man dies — his dust feeds future flowers, While golden thoughts and glowing words and deeds, Like tapers priests have blest around a tomb, Illume his grave, and shed a radiance o'er His name's short day, serving to light the path Of those close following. Man dies to live. O ! death from life ! O ! life from death— the Mind Of minds alone this mystery comprehends.
Page 98 - I strive with thee. Seeming afar but shade Scarce worth the fighting ; near, a substance foul, Most deadly real ; a hydra-headed foe, A Protean horror that entwines around me Cold, callous coils, till strangled I must yield Its slave and victim, every sense its own ; While hotter grows the stifling air about, Hell's breath seems seething up beneath my feet, And spirit...
Page 15 - Ape's hairy paw can with rude grasp deface A Giotto's masterpiece ; an idiot can With sinewy strength swing high in crazy mirth A ponderous hammer round a Psyche's head, And shatter with one blow a faultless gem Of Grecian sculptured art, and cry " Ha ! ha ! These things are only made ; I can unmake !
Page 10 - Should I be lingering, hearing One say " Come," Hug mouldy garb of earth 'stead donning robe Bright with celestial woven tints ? Dante. If He Who lent such graciousness to us were pleased To call thee to Himself again — dare we Still stay thy steps, tho...
Page 79 - O Rome ! is this thy mission — to create St. Peter's Chair for knaves to desecrate ? Where all the saints once crowned upon that seat ? Dead — martyred by these vicious men who wrest The papal power from every hand that's clean. How long, how long, Jerusalem, shall sin Usurp thy purity ? yd Noble.
Page 61 - Our grandsires' days, when high dames simply spun, In distaff glorying more than in their jewels — * When painted face was deemed a sore disgrace, * And women for simplicity were loved ; * When proudest noble...
Page 30 - Of this day's drear defeat and comrades' death ? Or must I risk my head to save the day ? Let us but charge, and if we fail — we die With brothers bravely ; or, if victory God grant us, I for disobedience then The penalty will pay, and let who will Come to Pistoria for my head.

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