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G. Bell, 1907 - Literary Criticism - 110 pages
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Page 55 - been written of any woman. After the which may it seem good unto Him who is the Master of grace that my spirit should go hence to behold the glory of its lady ; to wit of that blessed Beatrice who now gazeth continually on His countenance qui est per omnia sacula benedictus. Laus Deo.
Page 46 - At that moment I say most truly that the spirit of life, which hath its dwelling in the secretest chamber of the heart, began to tremble so violently that the least pulses of my body shook therewith ; and in trembling it said these words:
Page 112 - The Inferno of Dante Alighieri. A Literal Prose Translation, with the Text of the Original collated with the best editions, printed on the same page, and Explanatory Notes. By John A. CARLYLE, MD With Portrait, 2nd Edition.
Page 46 - She had already been in this life for so long as that, within her time, the starry heaven had moved towards the eastern quarter one of the twelve parts of a degree; so that she appeared to me at the beginning of her ninth year almost, and I saw her almost at the end of my ninth year.
Page 39 - How doth the city sit solitary that was full of people ! How is she become as a widow, she who was mistress of
Page 47 - spirit, which dwelleth in the lofty chamber whither all the senses carry their perceptions, was filled with wonder, and, speaking more especially unto the spirits of the eyes, said these words: ' Apparuit jam beatitudo vestra.' At that moment the natural spirit, which dwelleth there where our nourishment is administered, began to weep, and in weeping said these words
Page 114 - GIOTTO. By F. Mason Perkins. FRANS HALS. By Gerald S. Davies, MA LEONARDO DA VINCI. By Edward McCurdy, MA BERNARDINO LUINI. By GC Williamson, Litt.D. MANTEGNA. By Maud Cruttwell. MEMLINC. By WH James Weale. MICHAEL ANGELO. By Lord Ronald Sutherland Gower.
Page 53 - when the Lord God of Justice called my most gracious lady unto Himself, that she might be glorious under the banner of that blessed Queen Mary whose name had always a deep reverence in the words of holy Beatrice.
Page 111 - THE DIVINE COMEDY. The Vision of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, of Dante Alighieri. Translated by the Rev. HF GARY, MA With Life of Dante, Chronological View of his Age, Additional Notes, an Index of Proper Names, and a Portrait.
Page 48 - Betaking me to the loneliness of mine own room, I fell to thinking of this most courteous lady, thinking of whom I was overtaken by a pleasant slumber, wherein a marvellous vision was presented to me, for there appeared to be in my room a mist of the colour of fire, within the which I discerned the figure of a lord of terrible aspect

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