Dante and Beatrice: A Play Founded on Incidents in Dante's Vita Nuova

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S. Sonnenschein & Company, lim., 1903 - 48 pages
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Page 33 - HOW doth the city sit solitary, that was full of people ! How is she become as a widow ! she that was great among the nations, And princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary!
Page 33 - ... it pleasing to our glorious Lord who did not refuse death even for Himself. Everything that touched Beatrice had to take upon itself a universal significance. Once, not long after, Dante was ill, and in his half-delirium the thought of death settled upon Beatrice herself. "I imagined I was looking towards the heavens, and seemed to see a multitude of angels who were tending upwards and had before them a cloudlet of purest whiteness, una nubilctta bianchissima (the soul of Beatrice), and it seemed...
Page 32 - ... Then it seemed to me that the heart wherein was so much love said to me, "True is it that our lady lieth dead." And forthwith it seemed to me that I went to behold the body in which that most noble and blessed soul had dwelt. And so strong was the erring fancy, that it showed to me this lady dead ; and it seemed to me that ladies were covering her head with a white veil, and it seemed to me that her face had such an aspect of humility that it seemed to say, " Now do I behold the beginning of...
Page xi - No uncovered light, matches, candles, or hand lamps should be used behind the scenes on any account ; it is impossible to avoid risk of fire with them. A large pail of water in which a sheet is soaking should always be at hand behind the stage if any flimsy materials are used for the dresses.
Page 33 - ... this world." Then I began to weep very piteously, and wept not only in my imagination, but wept with mine eyes, bathing them with real tears. I imagined that I looked toward heaven, and it seemed to me that I saw a multitude of angels, who were returning upwards, and had before them a little cloud of exceeding whiteness; and it seemed to me that these angels sang gloriously, and the words of their song it seemed to me were these:
Page 9 - I lifted my eyes, and looking at the ladies saw amongst them the most gentle Beatrice.
Page 23 - And for this cause, namely, because of this injurious talk . . . this most gentle Lady, who was the destroyer of all vice and...
Page 33 - There appeared to me women with dishevelled hair who said to me, " Thou too must die," and after these women other faces horrible to behold, who said to me, "Thou art dead.

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